Bad month for the often wrong and mostly dumb MSM


The NY Post's Ralph Peters rips the MSM for getting toasted by the Bush administration's successes this month. I agree - as I said here, this is only the beginning.

"First, the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi forced the alleged "massacre" at Haditha off Page One, frustrating media attempts to manufacture a sequel to Abu Ghraib. Then, President Bush made a midnight ride to Baghdad to put one very important pair of boots on the ground. He didn't hug the airport, either, but crossed the city to the Green Zone for a face-to-face with Iraq's new prime minister. It was a brave and inspiring act. And a worthy one.

Strategically wise, good for Iraqi and American morale - and, yes, politically savvy - the president's trip blew apart the media's effort to recover from their loss of Zarqawi.

It also shut down their bid to refocus our attention on the suicides of three poor, deprived terrorists at Guantanamo - thugs we're expected to mourn as victims of our inhumanity. Hate-America journalists just can't get a break these days.

But they're still trying. One cable-news anchor yesterday asked if Bush's visit to Iraq was a "publicity stunt." Her own network's correspondent shot that down, on-air. True reporters know a missile can kill a president as easily as a private.
The Gitmo suicide-trifecta was the real publicity stunt. This accurate statement should never have been retracted: It was an act of asymmetrical warfare. And every save-the-terrorists jerk behind a mike knows it in his or her shriveled bleeding heart.

The strategic momentum has shifted."
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As I've been telling you. The Crawford Kid - don't mess with him.

Speaking of "Smack Downs", kuddos to Blackfive for smacking the living crap out of USA Today's Cesar Soriano, who referred to them as "Chairborne Rangers". Wrong move Cesar - you need to issue an apology pronto bucko, ...if you've got the stones.

Yeah, and hell just ordered heaters.