Bang of a Summer VIII- Fire Two - Correcting the Record on Saddam and Terrorism

As promised, the Bush Administration beginning to release even more of what they have held back on for so long. Primarily the evidence correcting the assertion those of the left have maintained that Saddam had no connections to terrorism, or Al Qaeda, or even Bin Ladin.

Now Fox News, we begin to see the truth.

"Was Saddam Hussein a security threat to the United States? Did the Iraqi dictator have connections to Al Qaeda or other terrorist ties? What happened to the weapons of mass destruction everyone believed were in his possession? Did Saddam move them? Did they ever exist?

All of those questions have been dogging President George W. Bush and his administration since the start of the Iraq war. Politicians and respected U.S. military and intelligence officials have weighed in publicly on both sides of the debate, but until recently the general public has had little of the information necessary to make a fully informed decision on its own.

But that is changing."

Fox News, is launching a full investigation into the docs called the Saddam Dossier. The first part, begins by examining Saddam's terror links - specifically to his inner circle.

Look for a push back from the MSM, attempting - as they have all along - to discount the importance of these findings. But's with the advent of the New Media it's not going to be easy.

More updates as I peruse the findings so far.

UPDATE: As expected, the left attacks the messenger, Fox, and claims that makes the story bogus.

The fact is these documents have been poured over ever since their release a few months back and like it or not, believe it or not (makes no difference), they show the "ties that bind". Roy Robison has done a fantastic job translating these documents, and as the weeks unfold we will begin to see more and more light.

These documents in the first installment do show that "the Vice President of Iraq met with the leader of the Taliban about the establishment of relations, as noted by Flopping Aces.

The pure and simple fact is that these documents scare the crap out of the left and the laughable stance of "no connections". Fact is that when you know your wrong, you harp the loudest. It's the surest sign you're losing the argument.