Bill Gates - "I'm off to kill the babies!"

Don't buy the liberal MSM spin about Bill Gates leaving Microsoft to become the world's savior.

More from Tim Graham at NRO:

"Expect to find this pattern of liberal bias in the Bill Gates-steps-down profiles: no one seems to find the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to be a liberal philanthropy, especially its passion for international abortion. (They'd insist it's "access to women's health services.") The Washington Post front-page story today by Sara Goo doesn't mention abortion, but it does underline the foundation's financial heft and its entrepreneurial approach. Only praise is allowed, and no real ideological analysis. It offered the opposite: ideological camouflage.

The low point of the story comes when Lynam Goddard, the head of CARE, explains joyously that Bill and Melinda weren't scared to talk to the prostitutes about the spread of AIDS in Botswana. "In some countries, the issue of AIDS is very much an issue of commercial sex workers. Where others might have shied away from working in that sector, they haven't," he said. "They come with no political agenda."

(At least after this, pardon the pun, Goo-ey coverage, Goo admits: "Melinda Gates serves on the board of The Washington Post Co.")"

Yeah....the more you know.