Crazy Kim - Crack the Nut

As I said before, there is NO negotiation with North Korea's Kim. He's a nut and a dangerous nut at that. You don't talk with a nut - you crack it.

Frank Gaffney Jr. over at NRO:

"Under these circumstances, the United States must now make a redoubled effort to deploy effective, comprehensive defenses against ballistic missiles that might be used for EMP and other attacks. We must urgently augment the modest ground-based systems put into place in Alaska and California in the wake of President Bush’s laudable decision to withdraw from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. This can be done most efficiently and quickly by modifying existing Navy ships equipped with the Aegis fleet air defense system so as to give them the capability to shoot down such missiles at various points along their flight trajectory.

Second, we must recognize that negotiating with the North Koreans — either multilaterally or bilaterally is a loser, just as it is with the Iranians. Pyongyang’s next missile test must be met not with intensified negotiations and more inducements to play ball with our diplomats.

Instead, we must work toward the only end that is likely to make a whit of difference for the future security of this country: Do as Ronald Reagan did with the Soviet Union — work not just to contain, but to bring down the odious despot in North Korea and his allies in Tehran."