Election 2008: Kerry Kos

Via Little Green Footballs:

'John Kerry is courting the angry left blogosphere, whispering sweet words of Bush-hatred to them off the record that he would never repeat in public (not yet, anyway): John Kerry: Bush A Criminal, Looting Country.

Luckily for us the moonbats on the loony left have no sense of integrity, and off the record comments simply don’t exist for them."

I second that "lucky for us statement". I REALLY WANT Senator Flipper to run again. PLEASE RUN, PLEASE!

This just shows just how much the Democratic Party is knee-deep in the Kimchi. Two years out from the Presidential election and the Dems have nothing to put up as a front runner.

"Yah, but what about Der Hillary" you say?

Nay, Nay......

First, she doesn't sell to the Kos Kids, they call her a (cough) "Hawk". Secondly, people forget, she still has a lot of EARNED baggage, and other questions. Hell even chief moonbat in residence Kos himself calls her unelectable.

So who besides her and Flip Flop?

Joe (Chia) Biden? ........burp!

Al Gore?.............

Yeah....DEEP KIMCHI.....