God's People strike!

I love Israel man! Shell 'em till they glow.

One of their soldier gets kidnapped by Hamas thugs and they pull out all the stops! That's the way you do business with terrorist.

"The IDF continued its offensive against the Palestinians late Tuesday night when ground forces began entering the southeastern part of the Gaza Strip and the region was being bombarded with artillery shelling.

Shortly before, the Air Force struck an electrical transformer station south of Gaza city, cutting the power supply from portions of the region.

The incursion began shortly before midnight, when IAF aircraft blew up three main bridges, located along the main route connecting between the northern and southern parts of the Strip. The army said that the operation was intended to keep Hamas from taking kidnapped soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit out of the Gaza Strip"

This is the way it should be. Take just one of ours, we'll take a hundred of yours. Eye for an eye. That's all these diseased races of people understand. The sons of Amalek (look it up in the Bible), pain in the ass since day one and anathema to all that is good. There is no negotiation with cockroaches, only extermination.

Go Isreal and God's speed.