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Democrats ought to read this post by Seth Sirsky at the Huffington Post. In the post he explains why he's left the "Left" and come over to the "Right". Judging by the comments the readers are not amused, but provide NO logical rebuttal to his points. The fact is that THEY HAVE NO SUBSTANCE and THAT IS the message of Seth's point.

"And what have the Democrats contributed to the war effort since 9/11? Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold has suggested censuring our president; Former President and Vice President Bill Clinton and Al Gore, while visiting foreign countries, have blasted President Bush -- acts of unconscionable irresponsibility; Democrat Sen. John Murtha, has invoked a cut-and-run policy in Iraq, supported by Democrat Senate Minority leader Harry Reid and Democrat House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi. Do they think the Middle East and the World would be safer if we had cut and run, as Murtha's plan wanted us to do? Under that plan, our troops would have been out of Iraq by May 18th and al-Zarqawi wouldn't be dead, but pulling the strings in an Iraqi civil war. With these kinds of ideas and behaviors, I just don't trust Democrats when it comes to our national security.

And so, as any reader of this article can well understand, it became impossible for me to relate to the modern Democrat Party which has tacked way too far to the left and is dominated by elites that don't like or trust the real people that make up most of the country.

Although I haven't always agreed with President Bush, I proudly voted for him in 2004 (the only one of the 4-winning Electoral College -- elected Presidents to win re-election). And I now fully understand Ronald Reagan's statement, when he described why he switched from being a liberal to a conservative: "I didn't leave the party -- It left me!"

The elite of the Democratic Party HAS pandered to the Kos Kids and the rest of the tin foil brigade, which fully explains Al Gore's lunancy. Yet mainstream democrats (the majority who are more like Joe Lieberman), have not left their party. Therein lies the divide and the reason the party as a whole is in shambles. They have NO core, no ideals, only blind hate of George Bush (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

The commenters of course are responding only to this Bush Derangement Syndrome. No matter how right they know the President is, they are so filled with hate they simply can't see the truth and error of their ways. They had better listen to Seth though if they ever want to see Democrats in power again. Zell Miller had given them a hint back in 2004 but they didn't listen then, and they won't listen how.

UPDATE: Michael Barone - Democrats - Can't win for losing.