Paulson not a "Team Player"

Earlier today Henry Paulson was confirmed as Treasury Secretary:

"WASHINGTON - The Senate on Wednesday cleared the way for Goldman Sachs chief Henry Paulson to be the country's next Treasury secretary.

The chamber approved the nomination in a voice vote. The action came just hours after the nomination won the endorsement of the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees the Treasury Department.

Paulson, a 32-year Wall Street veteran, is the chairman and chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., a financial powerhouse.

Both Democrats and Republicans welcomed Paulson's nomination.

"I am convinced he is the right man at the right time," said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., before Wednesday's vote.

Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., called Paulson a "very strong choice for Treasury secretary."

But of course, there is drama...via the Washington Prowler:

"White House staff and outside aides who assisted Treasury Secretary nominee Henry Paulson with his murder boards were holding their breath on Tuesday during his confirmation hearing.

According to sources familiar with the prep sessions with Paulson, the former Wall Street executive and well-known supporter of and financial contributor to Democrats could not get in line with the Bush administration's support for ending the estate or "death" tax, and permanent extension of the capital gains tax and other tax cuts that are due to expire in the next three years.

"He does not personally support them or believe in them," says a person familiar with Paulson's thinking. "And during the murder boards he kept presenting his personal views and not those of the Treasury Department or President Bush. It was a challenge to get him thinking like a team player."

Maybe they should forget about getting him to think like a "team player" and get someone who thinks if not like a fiscal conservative, then at least a Republican."

Heh, agreed!