PBS: Attack of the Rogues on Cheney

PBS Frontline going to air a hit piece on Cheney today at 5pm EST. Hit piece? Well, take a look who is lined up during a segment called "The Dark Side", with Interviews with Richard Clarke, Vincent (VIPS) Cannistraro, Tyler (Tiny Liar, Liar) Drumheller, David (I see NOTHING) Kay, among others.

What? No Ray McGovern?

Going to take a look at it, but from this standpoint, I see nothing but the typical leftist "Cheney Cabal" action here. More later...

UPDATE I: Jonah Goldberg at National Review:

"I only caught the last third or so of it. But this reader has the same impression, more or less, that I had. From what I saw, one official after another — particularly at the CIA — was playing CYA and pass-the-buck, Joe Wilson's testimonials were taken as gospel, andt he title itself showed where Frontline was coming from.

One point, which I know has been made a million times but still needs to be repeated, alas: "Discrediting" Joe Wilson is entirely honorable, sensible and normal. Somehow, the media and the left have made "discrediting" an evil thing only when discussing Wilson. But what does the left think it's up to when they try to "discredit" Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld? What do they think things like Media Matters are there for? It's to "discredit" opposing points of view they believe are inaccurate. Discredit does mean to attack someone's reputation, but it also means to attack someone's version of events. It's only a "smear" if you try to discredit someone falsely. To date, the efforts to discredit Joe Wilson's bad fath and dishonest and wildly partisan agenda has been anything but a smear."

That's all it is...