The real reason for taking note of June 6th, 2006

While every one is harping about the Devil (06-06-06), the MSM is - as expected- devoid of the mention of one of the greatest - if not THE greatest military victories of all time.

In other words D-Day, which was for our liberal friends, was June 6th, 1944. A day, by the way, that wouldn't have been half as successful if it weren't for a Republican General, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Today, it's far more productive to remember the sacrifice those men made, than to worry whether or not the end is near. It's especially important to me as three of my Dad's brothers: uncle Frank and uncle Dick, and uncle Jim all participated in that invasion. My dad served in the US Army in the Pacific and participated in the battle for Guadalcanal

Some of the amazing logistics of D-Day, can be found here.

1,087: Transportplanes to carry American and British paratroopers into Normandy on June 6.
5,333: Vessels in the Allied armada - 2,727 ships crossing the Channel on their own bottoms, and 2,606 landing craft aboard the ships.
10,521: Allied warplanes supporting the invasion. Of the total, 3,467 were heavy bombers, 1, 654 medium and light bombers and 5,409 fighters.
54,000: Men required just for housekeeping chores in the final staging camps in southern England.
124,000: Hospital beds stockpiled by the Americans in Britain before the invasion.
175,000: Assault troops landed on D-Day, June 6.
450,000: Tons of ammunition stockpiled in Britain before the invasion.
600,000: Doses of penicillin stockpiled by the Allies for the invasion.
1,000,000: Gallons of gasoline needed each day by the Allies in their sweep across France.
1,450,000: Allied soldiers landed in Normandy in the first seven weeks of the campaign; 812, 000 of them were Americans.
3,500,000: Allied servicemen gathered in Britain in 1944 to invade Europe or support the invasion.
60,000,000: Three-meal K-ration packages shipped to GIs in Normandy in the invasion's first three weeks.

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