Then again - Haditha

Again, things may not be as they seem.

"SAN DIEGO - A Marine captain who was relieved of command after members of his battalion were accused of killing civilians in Haditha, Iraq, denied any role in the slayings and complained that he had become a “political casualty.”

“It makes my blood boil to see my name lumped in with this massacre, when I was in a different city not playing any role in this incident,” Capt. James Kimber told The Associated Press.

Kimber, 33, of Fountain Hills, Ariz., was one of three officers reassigned to new duties last month for what the Marines said was “a lack of confidence in their leadership abilities.” None of the three officers has been charged with wrongdoing.

Investigators are trying to determine whether the 24 killings Nov. 19 were criminal, and whether the Marines involved and their commanding officers tried to hide the truth.

Defusing an explosive situation
Kimber said he first learned about the shootings in February when he heard that a Time magazine reporter was asking questions about civilian deaths.

Kimber said he heard nothing about a civilian massacre during city council meetings and talks with local leaders.

“It would have been huge, there would have been no question it would have filtered down to us,” he said. “We reported no significant atmospheric change as a result of that day.”

Kimber said he was removed because senior commanders at California’s Camp Pendleton were scrambling to defuse an explosive situation."

Say wut? Something ain't right here. Got to do some checking.

Didn't have to go far. Sweetness and Light with more on the first reporter who covered the story.

"Given the breathless coverage (actually only repetition of the same paltry facts) from our one party media about the civilian deaths in Haditha, I am surprised that we have heard nothing about the curious background of one of the first journalists to report the story, Ali Omar Abrahem al-Mashhadani, from the "restive town" of Ramadi.

It turns out Mr. al-Mashhadani might not have felt the kindliest intentions towards the US, having been imprisoned for five months mere weeks before his Haditha scoop.

Al-Mashhadani was detained because images found on his camera and because of his t"ies to the insurgents," according to US officials.

Indeed, al-Mashhadani has since been detained by the US again, for two weeks. In fact he was only released today."

UPDATE: Sorry, been as they say, "Out of the Net" today, but these updates provide even more "suspicion".

Troops have been cleared of wrong doing in Ishaqi. Again, remember - things just might be what they seem.

Seems the Times Reporter, Tim McGirk may be a Taliban sympathizer "sharing bread and raisins and finding a common ground".

It would seem that pricipal jouranlists who covered this "story" have a little axe to grind. I'm smelling it and it ain't sister's cooking...

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