WMD - On the MORE to Come

More and more light coming on the WMD question. The fact is as of now the jury is still out.

In a previous post commenters alerted me to the work of Former Federal Agent Paul "Dave" Gaubatz, who began a website in May of 2006 and posed the below informaton recently. Note the reintroduction of a familiar face:

"Congressmen Hoekstra and Weldon are now in "Damage Control Mode"

"Dave Gaubatz will not bow to "pressure or intimidation" Dave Gaubatz will keep this site until "all" WMD sites are inspected... My definition of all is not the same as Mr. Duelfers (which was 10%)

Dave Gaubatz has requested a Congressional Hearing. The only way this will happen is if the American public and innocent citizens throughout our world demand one. This is a global security problem. You deserve the truth, more so our troops and children deserve the truth for their future security. A Letter OSI Agents received in Nasiriyah, Iraq. The letter drove them and me to continue to hunt terrorists and WMD. "This website is for our troops and children"

"Politics will not prevent me from protecting them" Congressman Pete Hoekstra announces on FOX News 21 June 2006 the find of WMD; I hope everyone understands since my website was established in mid May 2006, the Congressmen are now in "Damage Control Mode" This report today by Hoekstra is not pure coincidence.....Much more will follow. I will insure the American citizens are provided the truth..Dave Gaubatz

"For our Troops, America, and our Children I ask everyone to read my article"

U.S. Federal Agent (Retired) Dave Gaubatz & other U.S. Federal Agents identified four suspected WMD sites in southern Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. To this date the sites have never been inspected. Charles Duelfer did a substandard job in managing the Iraq Survey Group during the initial phases of the war when he took command of the unit. Congressman Pete Hoekstra and Congressman Curt Weldon were provided detailed intelligence about each of the four sites several months ago.

In late 2004, President Bush and the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) officially informed the American public the "hunt for WMD was over".

In Jan 2005, I began speaking publicly about the four suspected WMD sites that had never been searched. I was a guest speaker on several radio and television from Jan 2005 - Mar 2006.

In Feb 2006,I met with a member of Congressman Hoekstra's staff and provided intelligence on the suspected sites.

On 16 Mar 2006, I had a meeting with Congressman Weldon and his Chief of Staff (Russ Caso) in Wshington DC. Congressman Weldon did not want anyone in DOD or the NRO to be notifed, because in his words he did not trust them and they would attempt to take credit for locating WMD in Iraq. Congressman Weldon advised he would go through private
corporations to confirm the grid coordinates of the sites.

Toward the end of Mar 2006, I was contacted by a private imaging company (arranged by Congressman Weldon) and we discussed the site locations."

Read more of the chronology on the site. First, I am aware of Dave, and he is who is says he is. Secondly his assessment on Duelfer's work is right on as even in his report Duelfer admitted (for security concerns) the ISG didn't inspect all sites. In addition they found on the question of Iraq moving WMD to Syria: "ISG judged that it was unlikely that an official transfer of WMD material from Iraq to Syria took place" but also acknowledging that "ISG was unable to complete its investigation and is unable to rule out the possibility that WMD was evacuated to Syria before the war." Therefore "unlikely", but not impossible - an important distinction. Again, my often told analogy of the police notifying a drug dealer that they will raid their house months before, should not expect to find drugs when they arrive on scene.

Thus his report - while helpful - was inadequate to fully answer the question of WMD. Dave's point is valid in that all sites have not been searched and specifically the four sites he mentions have yet to be fully disclosed.

As Dave puts it:

"On 16 June 2006, I was informed of an interview Congressman Weldon had conducted on 13 June 2003. Congressman Weldon had stated, "the jury is still out" in regards to WMD in Iraq. He further stated he had been made aware of four WMD sites in Iraq that have never been searched by U.S. personnel. He said he had also been briefed by "Iraqis familiar with these
sites". Weldon also stated if no WMD is located at these four sites he believes Russia was involved in moving the WMD to Syria. (Congressman Weldon is referring to the four sites I identified and the meeting I arranged for him involving Iraqi citizens). To read the interview go to Delco Times. Search this site for "Weldon WMD". It is located in an article by William Bender, titled "Liberal bloggers riled over Weldon's WMD comments". In this article Charles Duelfer again makes a statement, "I tend to doubt that there would be locations which haven't yet been scavenged or in other ways examined". Duelfer further said, " the four sites targeted by Weldon are worth evaluating if it can be done safely".

The remarks made by Duelfer reflect what Agents like myself faced when we reported suspected sites at the beginning of the war. Does Mr. Duelfer not feel if the sites were already 'scavenged" that it would be in the interest of America to find out what was scavenged, who scavenged them, where the scavengers took them, and what the scavengers intentions with
the WMD are? Mr. Duelfer should have understood inspecting WMD sites in Iraq would be dangerous in wartime. Based on these two statements alone verify Mr. Duelfer was not qualified to be in charge of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG)."

I'm continuing to peruse the site and all my associated documents and will continue in subsequent postings. There is more on the background of Dave's conversations with Weldon here, and again, we can see the hint of how politics just might get our collective asses in a sling again.