Monday, June 20, 2005


Mr. Smith, is that you - Update - Response from the Left

Seems there is a blogger on a site called, "Think Progress", who claims to have called C-BS and got a absolute confirmation that the two Michaels are not the same:

"It took me a grand total of one phone call to CBS to see if this rumor was true. The answer is no. The Michael Smith who used to work for Mary Mapes is not the same Michael Smith who writes for the London times."

Heh, of course you did. You spoke to someone at CBS.

They got right on the phone and told you "Yeah, sure, that's the ticket! He's not THAT Mr. Smith. Our Mr.Smith is another Mr. Smith and the two aren't the same Mr. Smith."

This from the network of "Shuffle-Truth".

Well thank you! That certainly clears it up!

Unfortunately, while I'll not call anyone a fibber, nontheless I find this blogger's claims hard to believe. I'm a journalist and have contacted CBS (not a receptionist but people I really know there) on numerous occassions and found that CBS has gag rule to give no further information to Mr. Smith's identity or whereabouts (this I have on good account). They are keeping it as tight as a ankle bracelet around Rosie's waist.

I wouldn't consider CBS a valid source in discovering if the two Michaels are one. The only way that will happen is if Mr. Smith from Texas steps forward.

However, that isn't going to happen I will wager, that's why we'll find out one way or another.

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