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Happy New Year!

I'm off to the family to the beach to welcome in 2006. May everyone have a safe and happy New Year! I'll leave you all with this article written by writer, actor, economist, and lawyer, Ben Stein printed in today's American Spectator

"It's almost 2006, a date that seems like something from a science fiction movie in which men are traveling around on teleporters and making weekend trips to Jupiter. But, no, it's 2006, and most of the day I am still stuck in traffic, especially the traffic in my head. That traffic is thoughts of old times and of how much less time I have left than I did even a few years ago.

I've started asking friends what their favorite memories are, what their happiest days were. I get stories of love, of parents' expressing love to children, of romantic love, of a man fly fishing with his sons in a river in Montana. I get stories of peace and stories of revenge. And this thought keeps coming to my mind, which I'll share with you…

What the NSA - and the Nation Really Needs..

What can I say about the Washington Post - Chutzpah - yeah that's the word.

So soon after the announcement that they are the target of an investigation into the leaking of classified material, they continue with "dissecting" the inner operations of the NSA and again alerting the enemy to it's "shortcomings". Although I cannot disagree with their specifics they report - i.e.; yeah, the agency could use a lot of updating, yet on the other hand, technology is rapidly changing and yes we are fighting a NEW kind of enemy. The fact is that what they do they do well and so far it has worked greatly - EXCEPT when when our IC efforts have been thwarted by the MSM.

Let me be clear, as an American and lover of our freedoms I really do applaud freedom of the press and an open Government,. But damn it folks this is a war and letting the enemy in on our plans and where were are weak, can't do anything but embolden those we seek to distroy. It just serves no functi…

The Classic Media Moments of 2005

I was compiling stories for the end of the year but Media Research Center has a run down of Notable Quotables. Michelle Malkin with "The MSM war on Blogs".

My MSM "egg on the face" moment of the year?

See here!.

Destined to be a classic!

From the mouth of Babes - so long as they aren't Republicans

The left decrys "Why" in Iraq....

Per Michelle Malkin, a teen responds.

It will be interesting to see if the MSM treats this teen as shabbly as they are treating 16-year-old Farris Hassan of Fort Lauderdale (local boy), the high school student who snuck off to Iraq to practice "immersion journalism":

"He said he wrote half the essay while in the United States, half in Kuwait, and e-mailed it to his teachers Dec. 15 while in the Kuwait City airport.

“There is a struggle in Iraq between good and evil, between those striving for freedom and liberty and those striving for death and destruction,” he wrote.

“Those terrorists are not human but pure evil. For their goals to be thwarted, decent individuals must answer justice’s call for help. Unfortunately, altruism is always in short supply. Not enough are willing to set aside the material ambitions of this transient world, put morality first, and risk their lives for the cause of humanity. So I will.”

“I want to experience…

NSA - The Leak Investigation Begins

As the wheels really begin to spin (as they have over the last few weeks behind the scenes) into the probe of the NSA leak as well as the CIA Prison leak, and from my source even a few more leaks from 2004-05 are being looked at - a few points to ponder:

(Of course it's interesting to note that this morning, suspect number two - the Washinton Post is more interested in the manufactured story of Tom Delay and Abramoff (again ignoring Abramhoff's extensive ties to Democrats like Senator ($67,000) Harry Reid, than of giving this story the front page treatment that they gave to the Plame Game).

Oh well, ignorance is bliss for the MSM.

But back on the points.

First, if the left was looking for "Watergate-2006", they're not going to get it from this story - there is no crime. Nice try though, and as we will see much of what I and AJ Strata, Michelle Malkin and the folks at American Thinkerhave been eluding to over the summer is the story of was has been (and continues t…

I'm Staying out of Fremont!

Cross Fremont California off my list of places to visit.

Rabid Chihuahuas? Porn-planting burglars?

I though Berkeley California was weird.

Clinton's Use of Warrantless Searches - a Fact - Except for the Reality Challenged Left

Perhaps there can be a debate on warrantless searches if the left wasn't so absent minded to forget that President Bush didn't invent them, but so partisen to say he should be nailed for them.

I've often quoted from this Cato Institute paper which covered what they felt were mutiple constitutional abuses of President Clinton during his two term presidency.

This paper was published in 1997, long before the current debate. Reading it one could imagine if it had been written and released during this year - imagine the outcry!

Clinton's use of warrantless search method is legendary among law enforcement persons. Little wonder that as the paper cites, this led ACLU officials to describe the Clinton White House as "the most wiretap-friendly administration in history."

In fact during the 90's in my capacity in law enforcement I participated on many such "warrantless seraches" which were upheld and cited under guidelines created by the Justice Departme…

Calling Mr. Fitzgerald?


As I told you about in this post yesterday as a source confirmed to me that the Justice Department has launched a probe into the NSA leak. Mr. Risen, you are in trouble - prepare your defense. I told you so.

The White House will be announcing the probe at about 12:30pm. My source tells me that this probe will most likely result in another prosecutor being assigned as of course Fitzgerald is still busy/dizzy on the Plame/Game No-Leak. Additionally, other probes into other recent leaks such as the CIA 'prisons'leak is in the works as well. As I said, this is the NEW Bush - on the attack - it's no more Mr. Nice Guy!

About time! Also covering Michelle Malkin

*****End Update*********

UPDATE II: Looks like I owe my source big time as yet another tip comes true as the Washington Post is on the target list as well for the CIA Prison leak.

****End Update II*************************************

Update III: Via Fox: "The government has no legal right to…

Of course, we could just kill him now

How's this for losing your mind in the wind of passing gas?

"AMMAN (Reuters) - The United States should free Saddam Hussein if it wants to end its problems in Iraq and earn the friendship of Arabs, the former Iraqi president's lawyer wrote in a letter to U.S. President George W. Bush.

The chief lawyer for Saddam at his trial for crimes against humanity in Baghdad told Bush that Iraqis who supported their former leader were waiting for a bold decision from the world's most powerful statesman to free him.

"I call on you (President Bush) to release Mr. President (Saddam) immediately to allow the Iraqis to decide his fate. Only then will you get out of your predicament in Iraq and truly become an advocate of justice," Khalil Dulaimi wrote in a letter obtained by Reuters.

Such a decision would prove to be the panacea that would end Washington's woes over Iraq, Dulaimi asserted.

"Your relations with Iraq will then be historic and you will win the favor of the …

Cookie This!

While the MSM goes bonkers over the fact that the NSA website installed internet "cookies" on people's computers as they visited the site, the fact is that the NSA site can't hold a candle to the KING of cookies MSNBC. In fact just loading the page in internet explorer loaded over 25 cookies. This doesn't count all the scripts it runs on your system through Active X (kind of an intrustion because it actually installs things on your computer without you being aware of it).

Note that in this screen capture window are "tribal fusion" and "double click" cookies, and other "spyware". Bad MSNBC - very bad.


"Cookies are widely used at commercial Web sites and can make Internet browsing more convenient by letting sites remember user preferences. For instance, visitors would not have to repeatedly enter passwords at sites that require them.

But privacy advocates complain that cookies can also track Web surfing, even if no personal…

Media in Glass House Shouldn't Throw......

Call it the year of Lame Reporting.

This post is a take off on this article blaming the Bush adminstration for everything except teenage acne.

Fact is that for ANYONE in the MSM to even try to write an article like this is lame enough, as if it was the banner year for the MSM....NOT, but to miss their multiple screwups in the process is well, so, MSM!

Since most of the article's venom is pointed at the Federal Response of Katrina - although I'm still waiting on some really tough reporting on idiot Nagin and Kathleen (got my water bottle where's yours?) Blanco to appear - Let's review how THEY did during the disaster!

Fact is that the MSM blew Kartina story big time. I mean as covering stories go, you couldn't have covered it worse or more incompetantly than media.

Although, we're still waiting for all the corrections to come in, much less the apologies to both the President and the Nation, nonetheless, most of what we still see is compete denial for the most pa…

Real Journalism - Fair and balanced for a change


Who are these guys and what did they do with the Chicago Tribune staff?

Seriously though, I slam the MSM as a whole whenever I can because of their most times blantant misrepresentation of the facts, if not compete fabrication of news stories based on their liberal agenda.

But it's also fair to point out when they actually print a story based on real journalism - fair and balanced. Such is the case with the story outlined below. Here the times staff does a very good job spearating the hype from the facts as we know them today.

Judging the case for war

"Did President Bush intentionally mislead this nation and its allies into war? Or is it his critics who have misled Americans, recasting history to discredit him and his policies? If your responses are reflexive and self-assured, read on.

On Nov. 20, the Tribune began an inquest: We set out to assess the Bush administration's arguments for war in Iraq. We have weighed each of those nine arguments against the findings of subs…