What is Important

Somewhere along the line we as a people are going to have to decide something very important.

"Do we want to live or die". When it gets down to the nitty-gritty of the Global War on Terror, that's really all most of us care about - whether or not we and ours are safe.

Isn't that simple?

This morning, I see via links beginning here that Dana Priest has kicked up sand the air again, with her most recent "non-story". Just as her last "non-story" of "secret CIA flights", both of which, outside the "McChimpy-Bush-Hilter" response of the Kos Kid crowd, the rest of America basically thinks, "Whatever it takes...just keep them from killing us."

Aside from obvious innuendo of both her stories (clandestined, secret flights to Soviet style gulags), which incidently haven't be even remotely proven, the real story is one of disburbing leakage out of the IC.

Nothing new, and as I told you here you will see a lot more so called leaks and "blockbus(Yawn)ters" coming.

Had this been 1972, Bush and Cheney would have by now been either defeated in the 2004 election or on their way to trumped up impeachment charges. Just as Nixon was. The truth be damned when the MSM cabal has spoken.

But it's not 1972 and the MSM hasn't a fraction of their power over the general public anymore. By and large each branch of the MSM speaks to it's own choir.

Whether Dana Priest (a Walter Pincus groupie), or Pincus himself, or for that matter Nicolas Kristof and his breakfast with the Wilson's where they no doubt crafted the script for the Plame Game - the Movie, the fact is that the "Get Bush Game" will continue it's assault, looking for any opening it can find. After all, it's all about payback for 1998.

Meanwhile in the reality of our lives, in our homes, with our families, the most important thing is not whether or not we sent a calling card to a terrorist and help him into Paradise, but whether we can sleep secure tonight.

That's something the Dana Priests' of the world will never understand.

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