Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Fox Video "Doctoring", Big Deal

Who cares.

"“The Daily Show,” which has become one of the media’s prime monitors when it comes to calling out misuse or manipulation of video, caught the Fox News Channel and one of its hosts, Sean Hannity, Tuesday night, in what appeared to be a blatant example of doctoring a report with inappropriate video to enhance an argument.
Jon Stewart, the host of “The Daily Show,” presented excerpts from a segment of Mr. Hannity’s show in which he discussed the so-called tea party protests in Congress last Thursday with Representative Michele Bachmann, a Republican from Minnesota who had urged supporters to turn up at the Capitol to protest the health care bill.
Beyond questioning the crowd estimates cited by Mr. Hannity, Mr. Stewart demonstrated that the Fox News program had included several scenes of the crowd, one of which he conclusively proved had not been shot the day of the health care protest but at the much larger tea party protest in Washington last summer. Fox News would not comment on the use of the video Wednesday beyond having a spokeswoman say: “Sean will address this on his show tonight.”
Which he did. So what? Since when did a Stewart become the "media's prime monitor"?   If he is, then he really sucks at his job.

Where was he when networks consistently over-counted crowds during liberal antiwar protests?  Or numerous other examples of media manipulation of facts, such the fake Bush guard memos, or the AP's infamous doctoring of photos.

No where.

More than anything this shows just how far gone the MSM is.  They rely on a Vegas comedian to do their fact checking.

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