Monday, November 16, 2009


Why Sarah Palin Scares the Hell out of the Left

Because she can run in 2012 and if she does she'll most likely win. Of course the left and even willy-nillies on in the middle right know this. It's why they despise her so much.

 I doubt that modern history has seen such a virtual gang-rape of a female politician as we've seen of what has been done to Palin.

 Had this type of treatment occurred against Hillary Clinton or even God forbid Michelle Obama liberal women would have screamed from rooftops and demanded that all involved be castrated, lose their jobs, resign their positions, and be shot at sunrise and not necessarily in that order.

 Today Rasmussen found that 59% of GOP voters say Palin shares their values. That's greater than any other GOP candidate and NO other present candidate draws more crows and excites the base more than Palin.

 Which is why notoriously inaccurate polling such as ABC/WAPO, which use primarily Democratic weighted samples show Palin with more un-favorability than favorability. Except that their polling doesn't poll likely voters, which Rasmussen does and shows Palin with a 51 percent favorability vs. 44 percent the other way.

 Likely voters are all that counts. The liberal press knows this and continues will continue the onslaught. However it's doomed to backfire. American's typically don't like nastiness, and what they have seen since last August is simply sexist slander, one after another, and soon they will begin to reject it outright.

 Like it or not Sarah Palin is the front runner for 2012, I know that makes Rick Moran scream, and other to think the MacRanger delusional, but it's nontheless true. It's her's to lose.

 Another thing, if one more pundit talks about Palin's "lack of qualification", I'll personally kick their ass - I can do it too, try me. NO ONE was more unqualified for the Office of President than the current occupant, Barack Obama, and we can see just how true that is now.

 Sarah's qualifications are at least that of THE ONE, and even more. So let's stop that ridiculous and silly argument, it's getting old.

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