Sunday, November 01, 2009


What Deed's Departure Means for the Conservative Movement

The withdrawal of Dede Scozzafava is a boon for conservatives everywhere.

 Hand picked by the GOP, who seems bent on creating "Obama 2.0", and remaking the party into what it's never been, voters soundly rejected her and that's a GOOD THING for our movement. Repeat this until it sticks.

 We are where we are because we didn't stick to our core conservative principles of governance - period. Americans are by and large conservative and that's why we kept congress for 14 years and won five of the last eight presidential elections.

 We are NOT the party of moderates and fence-sitting independents, we never have been.

 Remember that Reagan won over moderates and independents because he spoke to them conservative principles that they could identify with. NOT because he watered down the message to make it more their flavor.

 What we are seeing in New Jersey, Virginia and NY-23 and soon around the country is the people returning to their conservative roots.   We're seeing a revolution.

 They've seen what they wrought by electing socialist Barack Obama and have begun to reject that as well. Americans are horrified by what they see happening now,  how their country is being taken over by a renegade democrat congress who desires to control their lives, and they are showing that at the polls.

 Michael Steel and the GOP need to wake up and either get a clue or step aside.

 The revolution has begun, we are taking back this party.

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