Let the RINO Hunt Begin

I told you that 2010 and 2012 will be the beginning of the end of RINOS in the Republican Party. Let the purge begin.
"In what could be a nightmare scenario for Republican Party officials, conservative activists are gearing up to challenge leading GOP candidates in more than a dozen key House and Senate races in 2010. Conservatives and tea party activists had already set their sights on some of the GOP’s top Senate recruits — a list that includes Gov. Charlie Crist in Florida, former Rep. Rob Simmons in Connecticut and Rep. Mark Kirk in Illinois, among others. But their success in Tuesday’s upstate New York special election, where grass-roots efforts pushed GOP nominee Dede Scozzafava to drop out of the race and helped Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman surge into the lead on the eve of Election Day, has generated more money and enthusiasm than organizers ever imagined. Activists predict a wave that could roll from California to Kentucky to New Hampshire and that could leave even some GOP incumbents — Utah Sen. Bob Bennett is one — facing unexpectedly fierce challenges from their right flank. “I would say it’s the tip of the spear,” said Dick Armey, the former GOP House majority leader who now serves as chairman of FreedomWorks, an organization that has been closely aligned with the tea party movement. “We are the biggest source of energy in American politics today.”
It's time has come. Don't believe the dying whining of the RINOS in the blogsphere let you believe that this is anything but a GOOD thing for our party.

 Repeat this over and over.

 The Republican Party wins ONLY when Conservatism is it's core. Willy-Nilly RINOISM got us shalacked in 2006 and 2008. Trying to out liberal the liberals, quasi-Republicans made deals with the devil and got burned in the process.

 For all that "reaching across the isle" that McCain, Graham, Snowe and others touted what did it gain? Nada. Pelosi is locking Republicans out of meetings, pushing her far-left socialist agenda on Americans.

 The only way we stop her is by getting that gavel out of her hand. We do that by putting conservatism back in command of this country and that task has begun.

We will target any candidate, incumbent or otherwise, who does not adhere to and prove by record store conservative core principles of governance.