Thursday, November 12, 2009


Lots of Americans are Missing President Bush

One thing about President Bush that was without question, he was real, and he really loved America and American troops.

 Caroline Glick:

 "A couple of days ago I heard the news that George and Laura Bush paid a private visit to the wounded soldiers at Fort Hood. They specifically requested that the base commander not inform the media of their visit. They came.
They comforted the wounded soldiers and the Fort Hood community for a couple of hours. And then they left. And they never had their pictures taken saluting the troops or holding their hands.
 When I heard the news, I felt this pain that hasn't gone away. It's a pain that I have been feeling fairly often since last November. It hurts to hear about an American President who cares deeply and sincerely about wounded soldiers and soldiers murdered in a terrorist attack and know that he is not the American President. It isn't so much that I miss Bush personally.
I had a lot of criticism about his policies - particularly in his last two years in office after he effectively abdicated his leadership of global affairs to Condoleezza Rice and the permanent bureaucracy in Washington. But at least you always knew that Bush loved America and that he loved Americans. You knew that he valued America's allies even if he didn't always do right by them. You knew that his values were American values.
 You can't say any of that about his successor. And it hurts. It hurts that Barack Hussein Obama's first statement about the massacre at Fort Hood was so emotionally cut off from what happened. It hurts that he thought the most important thing to say about the massacre is that we mustn't jump to conclusions about the motivations of the terrorist who killed his fellow soldiers despite the fact that he was screaming Allah Akhbar as he shot them.
It hurts that Obama and his wife treat soldiers like losers who all suffer from PTSD and that the greatest service he can render them is to provide them with free psychiatric care and send them home from Iraq and Afghanistan without first securing victory."

 Can't add a blessed thing to that except that I've got a feeling that Americans by and large are beginning to miss him too.

 Obama is a paper tiger, he neither inspires the respect of the troops, nor strikes fear in our enemies.

 The media has been largely silent on his lack of leadership during the last eight months, specifically on the war on terror (a name he got rid of), and as I pointed out we've already had our first bonafide attack on US soil since 9/11 on his watch.

Yes, lots of American are missing George W. Bush.

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I voted for GWB TWICE because I wasn't voting for Gore or Kerry. Now that the O is in, I'd vote for him again.

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