Macsmind Election Night Live Feed ***AP Calling it for Christie! *** GOP Takes VA ***Hoffman Loses - for Now

Check back often for updates.  Polls close in Virginia at 7pm, NJ 8pm and NY-23 at 9pm.

UPDATE:  Virginia results coming in.   McDonnell is running away with it with 10 percent in.   As I said before this one's in the bag.

More to come.

UPDATE: MSNBC is calling Virginia for McDonnell, and that the GOP swept all three top state offices, with Virginians also selecting GOP candidates for the posts of lieutenant governor and attorney general.

 Meanwhile Christie is defeating Corzine 49 to 45 percent with 30 percent reporting. NY-23 to come in a bit, polls just closed.

 UPDATE: Christie has opened a 10 point lead with 32 percent reporting.

 UPDATE: As expected the liberal press - Newsweak - is saying McDonnell's win is all about nothing.

 Get ready for this to me the media's template for the next several days. Too bad it's not true, it's significant, a statement on the failed policies of the Obama administration and they know it!

UPDATE:  AP is calling NJ for Christie.  So is NBC news.   It's done.   Waiting on NY-23, but regardless, it's a good night for conservatism!

UPDATE:  As usual Michael Steel is clueless on the significance.  As the GOP goes forward we need to dump this dolt.

UPDATE:  Race called for Owens.   Tough loss, but NOT a loss for conservatives, or the "Tea Party".   Conservatives did what they set out to do, take out Scozzafava.   Hoffman had an uphill climb with little to no support financially or otherwise from the GOP - it's a loss for them, and a warning.   We will not tolerate RINOS being put up for seats anywhere.

Note:  This seat is back in play in 2010, Hoffman could easily win this seat as Scozzafava won't be vamping 5 percent of the vote, which is the margin of loss in in this race.

Overall though it was a GOOD night.   The big story no matter what the media says is New Jersey.   It's huge.