Thursday, November 12, 2009


Obama AWOL on Afghanistan Again

Andrew Sullivan:
"The news that Obama has refused to sign off on any of the four major options presented to him in Afghanistan reminds me of why he was elected president. This critical decision - arguably the most critical of his young presidency - is one that will not be rushed the way such decisions often are. His insistence that the civilian branch truly control policy there and that empire not be passively accepted as a fait accompli are real signs of strength in the struggle to recalibrate American foreign policy."

No what we have is a dolt who in spite of getting all the proper information still can't make a decision. That's not leadership, it's incompetence.   There is nothing else to know.  If he fails to do his duty and send more troops the failure of the war in Afghanistan is on his shoulders, and on that of the Democratic Party for years to come.

Just as it was with Vietnam.

By the way, my bonafides outrank Sullivan's - who never served, so that statement is fully qualified. Had we had a president such as this during any one of our numerous campaigns we would have lost them all.

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