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Orin Hatch - The War Cry - We Will NOT Let the Government Mandate Our Choice

Orin Hatch:

 "Mr. President, We are rapidly approaching perhaps one of the most important votes for each of us here in the United States Senate. 

This is bigger than us, our parties or our ideologies. This about the very future of the greatest nation in the history of the world. It is about your children and my children. It is about your grandchildren and my children. 

It is about giving our future generations the same opportunities and the same sense of pride. It is about every American life and every American business that will be subject to this 2,074-page edict from Washington. 

 I am going to spend my time before this historic vote to highlight some very important numbers, so every member of this chamber understands what they are voting to advance. Make no mistake, our actions today will not be without consequences. 

History and our future generations will judge us on this. Here are some numbers: 

· 0 – the number of provisions prohibiting the rationing of health care. 

· 0 – the number of government-run entitlement programs that are financially sound over the long-term. 

 · 10.2 percent – our national unemployment rate, the highest in 26 years.

 · 70 – total number of government programs authorized by the bill.

 · 1,697 – times the Secretary of Health and Human Services is given authority to determine or define provisions in this bill.

 · 2,074 – total pages in this bill. · 2010 – the year Americans start paying higher taxes to pay for this bill

 · 2014 – the year when this bill actually starts most of the major provisions of this bill

 · $6.8 million – cost to taxpayers per word

 · $8 billion – the total amount of new taxes on Americans who do not buy Washington-defined health care.

 · $465 billion – Cuts in Medicare at a time when it faces a $38 trillion unfunded liability to finance more government spending.

 · $494 billion – total amount of new taxes in this bill · $2.5 trillion – the real cost of the bill

 · $12 trillion – our total national debt These numbers are facts.

 They are undisputable. 

 Let me finish by reading an excerpt from a letter from one of my fellow Utahans from Provo, who is worried just like me about what this bill will mean for our country: 

 “I am writing out of deep concern over the increasing expansion of government. I moved here from Germany 20 years ago.

 I love America because it is free – freer than Germany in that I have the freedom to choose, among other things, how I want to insure my family (we have six children). I’m all for affordable health insurance which requires affordable health care. I am self-employed and have been hit hard by the economy. 

 There is a good chance that we would actually benefit from [this bill]. Business has been so bad that we would qualify for free school lunches if we asked for it. But I don’t want more government handouts. I don’t want the government telling me what kind of insurance I need to have. 

I don’t want the government telling me what services I can receive when I need them. I don’t want them taking an ever greater part of my income to help finance government programs such as the ‘public option’ and the army of government employees it will take to administer such a program.

 I do not want more government. I want less. A lot less.” 

 Note to our liberal friends. This is a nice way of saying, "By the ballot box, or by force. We will NOT let this happen.  Give us liberty or give us death".


DaddysDarlin said…
I have never been prouder to be a Utahn, a place where our representatives still listen to us.
They know we have no problem here voting in people who listen, and if they don't they won't serve another term.
Let this be a lesson to all who represent WE THE PEOPLE, if you don't listen, you are out on your asses, That's a promise.

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