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Politico Story on RNC Insurance containing "Abortion Coverage" is Bogus***UPDATE: GOP Caves - Gigna Outraged

Idiot Reporting.

 "The Republican National Committee’s health insurance plan covers elective abortion – a procedure the party’s own platform calls “a fundamental assault on innocent human life.” Federal Election Commission Records show the RNC purchases its insurance from Cigna. Two sales agents for the company said that the RNC’s policy covers elective abortion. Informed of the coverage, RNC spokeswoman Gail Gitcho told POLITICO that the policy pre-dates the tenure of current RNC Chairman Michael Steele.
 “The current policy has been in effect since 1991, and we are taking steps to address the issue,” Gitcho said. Leading up to passage of the House health care reform bill last week, 176 House Republicans joined 64 Democrats in voting for the so-called Stupak amendment, a measure that prohibits federal funds from being used to buy health insurance that covers elective abortions. A spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee – the campaign arm for the House Republicans – said it does not include coverage for elective abortions in its employee insurance policy.
 “The policy does not cover abortions unless the life of the mother is in danger,” the NRCC spokeswoman said. According to several Cigna employees, the insurer offers its customers the opportunity to opt out of abortion coverage – and the RNC did not choose to opt out."

Which is bogus. First, I sell insurance for Cigna. It's not true. There is NO opt out if you don't want "elective abortion coverage", the plan is what it is and contains what it contains.  It's a "universal coverage".   The issue is whether or not you would use it.

We know that only liberals do.

 Secondly those anonymous employees - who could be fired for even discussing the specifics of any plan, and I will find out who they are, don't know what they are talking about.

 Most insurance plans have some type of  "elective abortion" coverage when the mother's life is in danger, except for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida - which covers NO abortions for any reason.  By the way it's the plan most Democrats carry in South Florida.

One could not expect the RNC to offer no insurance at all, and having such insurance isn't any indication of disqualification of position on abortion. I'm against breast implants but my plans pays for one.

So what?   Nothing here, move on.  Desperation play by the Obama Apologetic.

UPDATE:  Even though it was totally unnecessary Steele caved (see original link).   Meanwhile, the Cigna employees who divulged the info to the Obama Apologetic (aka Politico),  are being sought out by Cigna.   Aside from violating company policy they may have violated HIPAA regulations, a federal offense which carries fines up to $50,000 and jail time it can become very expensive.   It may be even possible that the Politico reporter and management violated this law as well.

I spoke to a manager last night and asked them to look into it.

"We record all conversations for business purposes, and it shouldn't been too hard to locate the employees who spoke with the Politico".

Again, there is NO opt out, so more of the same bogus reporting from the Politico.  On the side I write policies for several insurance companies, Cigna being one and there is no such "opt out" that I'm aware of.   Most plans have a prohibition against "convienence abortions", and only cover in the event of medical emergency.

Again, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida have the most restrictive abortion prohibitions and guess which party has that plan?

Nevertheless, a clear violation of HIPAA took place here, and should be investigated.  I've filed the complaint here.


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