Prejean to Larry King - "You're Being Inappropriate"

Carrie Prejean slams Larry King.  After repeatedly telling King that she could not discuss the terms of her settlement with the Miss America Pageant, and the old coot continued to press - a violation of journalistic professionalism, she calls him inappropriate.

Next Larry's screener sends a gay caller in to set her up with an obviously "seminar call" about gay marriage.  Carrie then rips the mic off.


This whole interview was obviously a set up.   Prejean's people tell me that it was fully understood and agreed on by King's people that no questions would be asked about the settlement, as she is bound by agreement not to discuss it.  Additionally there were to be no callers.

Obviously when King tried to go after her anyway - a King trademark - his people decided to get even and set up a "Hey Carrie whatcha think about gay marriage?" call.   Wouldn't be a bit surprised if it came from one of King's staff.

Americans will agree that this was wrong and that too is obvious by the dismal ratings of Larry King Live.