The Record Obama Didn't Want to Break - The Post 9/11 Absence of a Terrorist Attack has Been Broken

There is no doubt that the attack at Fort Hood was indeed the first radical Islamic attack on American soil since 9/11.

 We'd had hoped that it wouldn't happen, but we knew it would given President Obama's continued weakening of our defenses and intelligent gather standards.

 As I thought about it this week one thing that has become clear is there was again a communication breakdown between the FBI and CIA. Anyone who thought that the Jamie Gorelick wall was gone can rest assured it's back. This of course makes Obama the "owner" of the first attack on US soil since 9/11. A dubious distinction that will forever mark his presidency.

 It's evident that the White House knew this as they immediately began to play down the role of Hasan's association with Al Qaeda, and his radical Islamic views.

 Don't believe for a minute that the media white-washing of this event was anything else except a lame attempt to shift attention from the fact that a terrorist attack had occurred.

 Let's not forget that Maj. Hasan's act killed nearly as many service members than the that of the USS Cole, and it was the same twisted ideology behind both.

 Moreover, this shows the complete bankruptsy of the Obama world-view on terror. In eight years under President Bush there was not one attack on US soil after 9/11. That's because intelligence communities were speaking to one another, sharing information and keeping this country safe.

 Since Obama entered office, he embarrassed and unnecessarily exposed our men and women in the intel community with the release of documents in spite of advise not to do so, simply for political expediency.

I warned before that this would lead to trouble, I'm sad to say that I was right.


retire05 said…
Mac, there is no doubt that this administration has adopted a 9-10 mindset. Obama seems to be convinced that since he managed to b/s his way into the Oval Office, that our enemies can be equally swayed into adoration of him.

He should take a course in Islam (although I think he is more familiar with its tenents than he claims).

We need to understand that the enemy is no longer outside the gate. They are inside the gate and are among us. And this damn system of using our military as a social experiment, imposing on it a system of political correctness for "diversity" will serve nothing but to get more Americans murdered on our home soil.

You can bet if the shooter (I refuse to say his name) was a skin-head that preached hated for African-Americans, who gave a 50 slide presentation supporting that hatred, and did all the things this shooter did, he would have been in the brig under heavy investigation.

I have one question: did the shooter shave his body before he committed jihad in true Islamic tradition?

Also, does it bother you that a reporter had access to the shooter's apartment yesterday where the FBI left behind such things as the shooters shoe box full of medicines, including medicine for the treatment of HIV?

Why is that apartment not taped off? Why is a Fox reporter allowed to go inside that apartment along with the complex manager? Why has the woman that the shooter gave many things to not been questioned by the FBI?

Who the hell is dropping the ball on this investigation and why?

I see a cover-up in the making. The administration is going to try to present the shooter as "one lone nut" and not admit that the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9-11 has just happened under Obama's watch.