Sunday, November 08, 2009


See what a RINO will Get You? Cao Deals with the Devil

For all those who think that RINOs have a place in a conservative agenda, vis, the Republican Party, here's your proof they don't.


 "One Republican voted for Pelosicare: GOP Rep. Anh (Joseph) Cao of Louisiana.
Yes, he’s the one who took over corruptocrat Democrat William Jefferson’s seat.
I had reservations about him on election night because of his soft-on-immigration views. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
If he could stand strong on limited government and fiscal conservatism, it would be worth it.
Well, since he was elected, Cao has backed the S-CHIP expansion, the $108 billion IMF bailout, and the omni-waste spending bill. And he voted to rebuke GOP Rep. Joe Wilson for calling out President Obama on his health care lies.
That is a steep price to pay for Rep. William Jefferson’s removal.
Can’t the GOP do better?

We can and we will.   But we know where that begins.   The GOP backed Cao, just like they did Scozzafava.  After Specter, Snowe, Graham, and the rest of the Party Poopers, Cao should be the call to begin keep the purge going.

We need leadership at the GOP.  Michael Steele isn't the leader we need.   Steele needs to step down if we have any hope of returning America to where it belongs.

We gain nothing by allowing these traitors the honor of wearing a "R" next to their name, and everything by sending them back to the street.

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