Thursday, November 12, 2009


Two Mohammed Movies on the Way - Here Come the Fatwas


 "As a producer of the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, Barrie Osbourne helped oversee a saga with a nine-figure budget and a nine-hours-plus running time, during which moviegoers never saw more of the title character than his eye.
So perhaps Osbourne is the right man to produce a nine-figure epic about the Prophet Muhammad, during which viewers won't see the title character at all. According to trade reports, Osbourne is attached to produce a $150 million English-language movie about the founder of Islam, funded by Al Noor, an entertainment company in Qatar.
No word yet on who might direct or star in the film, and no word on how the filmmakers plan to get around its biggest logistical hurdle: Islam's stricture against figurative depictions of Muhammad and members of his immediate family.
 The last time an East-West consortium tried a project like this, in the 1976 movie 'The Message,' the result was a film whose production and exhibition were hampered by protests, terror threats and one mass-hostage event that led to a shooting death."

 Well this is one of two movies in the works. The other, "The Wives of Mohammed" is reported to be even more daring. It will explore Mohammed in much the same way as "The Temptation of Christ" and is due to be released next Summer.

It's said to "uncover" the rather embarrassing - to Muslims - sex life of Mohammad.  

Should be fun to see.

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