What's NOT happening this Weekend? A House Vote on Obamacare

Officially shelved for the weekend and longer.

 "WASHINGTON - House Democrats acknowledged they don't yet have the votes to pass a sweeping overhaul of the nation's health care system, and signaled they may push back the vote until Sunday or early next week. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., told reporters in a conference call Friday that the make-or-break vote on President Barack Obama's push to make health coverage part of the social safety net could face delay. Democrats were originally hoping to pass the bill on Saturday.
 The apparent problem: Democrats have yet to resolve intraparty disputes over abortion funding and illegal immigrants' access to health care.
They cleared one hurdle Friday when liberals supporting a government-run Medicare-for-all system withdrew their demand for a floor vote."

 Fact is that even next week is a stretch, and the disputes are more than just about abortion funding and illegal alien access.  Increased taxes is the largest problem.  Congress members are hearing from constituents loud and clear in Bush I language, "No new taxes".    It's "anathema" is one quote I got.

 "The time table is all over the place" stated another  aide close the negotiations.

 In spite of media playing down last week sweeping victories for the GOP, the fact is that they were like a bucket of cold water on an already smothering fire.

 "Fact is that we don't have the votes. We're not even close."

UPDATE:  Will continue in a new post.   Dems WILL be in session today, but it's still doubtful they get a vote today, or tomorrow.   See new post.