Giving Voice to a Madman

From the coverage MSNBC gave today of racist hate-monger Luis Farrakhan , you would have thought Martin Luther King Jr. was speaking.

Far from it.

It's telling when the MSM covers Mr. Farrakhan, and his moonbat theorys of "blown leavees", but Iraq and it's historic constitutional vote yesterday is relegated to a sidebar.

It's telling and sad, but it is the state of the present day media.

The MSM media continue this madness because it fits into their false reporting of "racism" during Katrina - which is another sad commentary.

The plane truth is that Mr. Farrakhan is no MLK. Much more appropriate, he is a black Hilter for his views on the Jews are no different than that tyrant. Giving him credence and a platform to spew his hate and lies no matter under what guise is outrageous.

For a look of hypocrasy of how the media turned one racist bigot into a "messiah" and another group of racists into the "Devil's own", check out this story.