Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Plame Game - While Speculation is Rampant

Speculation in the Plame Game is running wild (see Tom Mcguire) Heh, "bets" is it now? How about those "influenza shares" Tom?

Fact is that perjury (see update below) is a hard sell when the testimony was corrected long ago. It's also a hard thing to prove as you must prove "intent to perjure". Put it this way, perjury is always the 'last resort' in a prosecution, normally a tool a prosecutor uses to whip witnesses into a frenzy. From what we know now - minus most of the the clueless speculation of the MSM, (If personal friend of Fitzgerald and former Federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy of NRO doesn't know - no one does), all this lame talk of "perjury" and "obstruction" is very premature at best and complete nonsense at worst.

Meanwhile AJ at the Strata-Sphere notes VIPS Band is ratcheting up their "grab ass" on Valerie Plame (WINPAC - hell no!), as I said they would - watch for more. Specifically Larry Johnson's typical tirade about Victoria Toensing over at TPM. Again, since Victoria helped draft the IIPA, I think she knows more about it than Larry (who left service in 1989).

If you were to have gotten you're information strickly from those in the MSM, such as the WAPO's Pincus, or The Nation's Corn, or Matt Cooper (who I think headed for the border some time back), and other journalists who are directly tied in one way or another in the investigation, you might think listening to them that Rove and Libby are toast at this point.

Quite frankly, unless Fitzgerald is an idiot he's not ignorant of the SSCI and other facts of the case as we know them to be. Yet the truth is that we don't know what Fitzgerald is going to come out with, although my sources tell me that there may be additional investigations that spawn from this one reference to a "far greater than Plame Gate". As a matter of fact I am trying to gain a the ear of one such Senator with 'like views' about the CIA. We'll see how that goes.

But at this point, I and I hope others like AJ will keep up the "Good Fight", and help to fully uncover the Plame Truth.

UPDATE: Reference to the "Perjury" an email I receieved contained this tidbit from Title 18 > Part I > Chapter 79 > § 1623 § 1623. False declarations before grand jury or court:

"In any prosecution under this section, the falsity of a declaration set forth in the indictment or information shall be established sufficient for conviction by proof that the defendant while under oath made irreconcilably contradictory declarations material to the point in question in any proceeding before or ancillary to any court or grand jury. It shall be a defense to an indictment or information made pursuant to the first sentence of this subsection that the defendant at the time he made each declaration believed the declaration was true.

(d) Where, in the same continuous court or grand jury proceeding in which a declaration is made, the person making the declaration admits such declaration to be false, such admission shall bar prosecution under this section if, at the time the admission is made, the declaration has not substantially affected the proceeding, or it has not become manifest that such falsity has been or will be exposed.

Again, by what we know, charging either Rove or Libby with this charge would be nonsense.

UPDATE II: I've had it with Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard. He ought to shut his trap. Burned over the Mier's nomination he is simply getting back by "spreading rumors" about the "Gloom" at the White House over the Plame Game. Let me assure you, it isn't true. Bill should seek counseling for his "depression".

UPDATE III: Check out Brent Baker's entry at Newsbusters.org, reference CNN's DNC hack Jack Cafferty resorting to calling Rove names.

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