Monday, October 03, 2005


Harriet Miers - New SCOTUS Nomiee

President Bush nominated White House Counsel Harriet Miers to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Reactions - from the right? Not good. However, one glow:

American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) - Excellent choice.

The rest ranging from jaded to anger:

Cpt's Quarters - not impressed.

Redstate - Ditto.

National Review - Bench Memos (Are you kidding me? Shut up already!)

Right Wing News - "Bitterly Disappointing"

Michelle Malkin - well, I expected no less - not qualified.

Powerline Blog - "Dissapointed".

Bill Kristol - more of the same.

Most of what I'm reading is "knee jerkiness" ....."Cronyism and inexperience"....."We don't know enough..., etc. To the left (and right), spare me of the cronyism charge as if that is new anywhere in politics especially in the previous administration.

In any case the pick did one thing. It blew Plame, Able Danger, Katrina, Rita, FEMA, bad poll numbers, right off the freaking map!

My take - It's a "peace offering" to the other side. What makes me think that? One thing from the WAPO story:

"Democratic and Republican special interests groups had been braced for a political brawl over the pick, but they may not get it. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., had urged the president to consider Miers, according to several officials familiar with Bush's consultations with Congress"

Remember, "I'm a uniter, not a divider!"? That statement has been thrown in his face over the last few years as a promise he hasn't kept. It' looks like Bush is after a little bit of that promise's fulfillment. I think David Frum agrees.

Yet with my take out of the way, let me say I trust this President's judgement.

In fact, let me go on record and counsel my "spineless" brothers and sisters in Conservatism, "Shut the hell up already!" Cripes!

All this blathering, "We dont' know,...."what a blown opportunity"......"It's a disaster!....."

Man! I'm getting tire of all this in-house bickering and bitching. It's getting hard telling the difference between NRO and the some of the drivel on left wing websites.


What all these "naysayers" are saying is in fact, "President Bush, we don't trust you! We don't trust your judgement!"

What a freaking shame this party has become. Not even a year after the last election and the "party faithful" are bailing already. Freaking fair weather supporters.


Fact is though, contrary to you're wishes, this was HIS pick and like it or not, we're going to have to wait and see.

As Hugh Hewitt says, "Trust".

More tracks at Ace of Spades, Blogs for Bush with the resume of Miers. Beldar Blog with a more balanced approach to the pick. I glad the professor thinks 60 is too old AJ at the Strata-Sphere follows my thinking.

Assorted links here.

UPDATE: Leaky Leahy is skeptical (Good sign). So is the Human Right Campaign (very good sign).

UPDATE II: Progressives are outraged! Yet Conservative Voice says up or down vote, as does Progress for America.

Conservative Outpost with a good collection of quotes reference the nomination.

HUGH: NARAL is drawing a line in the sand! Although, as I said before, Roe V. Wade isn't going to get reversed anytime soon anyway.

Just a note, propaganda sometimes begins at home. When the enemy cites your dissent, it's trouble. More reacts at the Moderate Voice and especially note the dancing on the left. Conservatives, get a hold of yourselves.

UPDATE III: VP Cheney was on Rush Limbaugh: Reacts (Michelle's got the "Stuck on Stupid hat out). Oh, ye of little faith.

UPDATE: IV: Lori at Polipundit is calling for calm.

People for the American way urges caution....hmmmmm.

Well that does it for me. If Pat Buchanan is against her, I'm for her. Thanks Pat!

Here is some of arrogance that drives me crazy:

"For all we know, and we know very little, Harriet Miers is the second coming of Antonin Scalia. But, we do not know. What we know is encouraging to the extent that she might be right on life issues. She did actively oppose the American Bar Association's position. Assuming that Miers is a conservative jurist, we still cannot, at this time, accept or endorse this nomination"


Well, thanks for the input 'directors'. But quite frankly, you have no vote, and no one gives a flip.

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