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Plame Game - In the Light

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media nails the Plame Game in his article today, "Was the Joe Wilson Valerie Plame Affair a CIA Plot?".

"The media version of the CIA leak case is that the White House illegally revealed a CIA employee’s identity because her husband, Joseph Wilson, was an administration critic.

But former prosecutor Joseph E. diGenova says the real story is that the CIA “launched a covert operation” against the President when it sent Wilson on the mission to Africa to investigate the Iraq-uranium link. DiGenova, a former Independent Counsel who prosecuted several high-profile cases and has extensive experience on Capitol Hill, including as counsel to several Senate committees, is optimistic that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will figure it all out.

DiGenova tells this columnist, “It seems to me somewhat strange, in terms of CIA tradecraft, that if you were really attempting to protect the identity of a covert officer, why would you send her husband overseas on a mission, without a confidentiality agreement, and then allow him when he came back to the United States to write an op-ed piece in the New York Times about it.”

That mission, he explained, leads naturally to the questions: Who is this guy? And how did he get this assignment? “That’s not the way you protect the identity of a covert officer,” he said. “If it is, then [CIA director] Porter Goss is doing the right thing in cleaning house” at the agency.

Now if you have read the screeds of VIPS member Larry C. Johnson, you know he foams at the mouth everytime diGenova or Victoria Toensing get mentioned, and for good reason - they are the good guys.

Unlike the rogues like LCJ, McGovern and the the other dead weights like them that Goss is chasing out of the office.

Actually though, I've been on this story since it broke, although I have only been able to blog it since this last Summer. Yet over the last two years I have aquired rheams of documentation on this case, and even spent a little time during the 2004 election in South Florida "under cover" working with the DNC and MoveOn, where I essentially got to the truth of the Plame Game (you wouldn't believe how many talked openly of the Game at the time - almost bragging). More of that forthcoming.

Yet I, lke giGenova think Fitzgerald has figured it out, thus if indictments are coming, they may not be going to whom the MSM thinks they are.

Kinkaid recounts this key from Judith Miller's testamony which was glossed over in the MSM media:

"DiGenova’s comments might be dismissed as just the view of an administration defender. But his comments reflect the facts about the case that emerged when the Senate Intelligence Committee conducted an independent investigation. Wilson, who became an adviser to the Kerry for President campaign, had claimed his CIA wife had no role in recommending him for the trip, but the committee determined that was not true. Why would Wilson misrepresent the truth about her if the purpose were not to conceal the curious nature of the CIA role and its hidden agenda in his controversial mission? And who in the CIA besides his wife was behind it?

In this regard, Miller’s account of her testimony to the grand jury disclosed that Fitzgerald had asked whether Libby had complained about nepotism behind the Wilson trip, a reference to the role played by Plame. This is the line of inquiry that could lead, if Fitzgerald pursues it, to unraveling the CIA “covert operation” behind the Wilson affair. There may be rogue elements at the agency who are conducting their own foreign policy, in contravention of the official foreign policy of the U.S. Government elected by the American people. Like it or not, Bush is the President and he is supposed to run the CIA, not the other way around. "

These are questions that simply cannot be skirted around. As I've said from the get go, I believe Fitzgerald is about to blow the cover off the Plame Game. Those who did the cooking - and their not the one's you've been hearing about - ought to be worried. It's always been about "why Joe"? Why did Plame recommend her husband for THIS trip? Why when Amb. Owens Fitzgerald supposedly through Gen. Fulford debunked it? Why? So many whys....

I think Mr. Fitzgerald has found the answers.

In fact, Robert Novak - the journalist that started it all said this is what his reason for writing his July 14th, article was all about - Nepotism:

"This story began July 6 when Wilson went public and identified himself as the retired diplomat who had reported negatively to the CIA in 2002 on alleged Iraq efforts to buy uranium yellowcake from Niger. I was curious why a high-ranking official in President Bill Clinton's National Security Council (NSC) was given this assignment. Wilson had become a vocal opponent of President Bush's policies in Iraq after contributing to Al Gore in the last election cycle and John Kerry in this one.

You know, one of the 'secrets' of this game is just who Novak was referring to as "no partisan gunslinger". It wasn't anyone in the administration. People are going to be very surprised - it's the 'ace", a little payback for a set up on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Word in Washington is President Bush is one hell of a poker player, so while the MSM tries to paint him as "disheveled" "out of step", they said that last year too, and they were wrong by 4 1/2 million votes. Their wrong now.

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