Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Able Danger - The Great Summer Story - Re-Awakens!

Per Michelle Malkin, Weldon blew his cool, threatened to resign on CSPAN.

Michelle's account with "her comments"...

"You can't let a Lt. Col.'s career be ruined because of a bureaucrat in the DIA...We're seeing lying. Distortion. Wolf Blitzer told me that a Defense Department official told [Blitzer] that Shaffer was having an affair with a member of my staff...he doesn't even know my staff! What do we stand for if not the truth? I'll leave my post, but not until I get justice for this man and the American people.

...scum at the Pentagon are spreading malicious lies.

What we have here is an aggressive attempt by CIA management to cover up their shortcomings.

If it means I have to resign, I will resign. [Excoriates feds for dragging out info that Shaffer stole pens when he was 15.] This is not about the DIA or the CIA. This is about CYA...

...What's happening here is unacceptable. Unimaginable. Un-American.

This man is being abused and used. He's being maligned. [Weldon vows to call for an investigation into leaks of scurrilous information about Shaffer to the media.] Urges viewers to e-mail SecDef, President, and members of Congress to let the story be told. Let Tony Shaffer talk. Let the others who have been silent have the chance to tell their story to Congress."

Holy Cow!

Check out AJ's post here. I'm going to view the video, but it doesn't sound good. Weldon may be totally justified and right, but this may just get him tagged as a nut.

Other that that I'm going to withold my comments until I look at the video, although I wil say that I did catch Louie Freeh’s comments on MTP about Able Danger and it spiked my interest again in this matter (just been busy with the damn no-leak).

In the last few weeks though I've had a bit (not a lot) but a bit of a NEW way of seeing things in light of what is taking place in the Plame Game.

UPDATE: Ok, I've had time to look over the transcript and video - and Weldon doesn't at all come off as a "nut", in fact, he's coherent and credible - in my opinion much more so than before.

Again, over this last weekend it was Freeh's comments on MTP that struck up my interest again in the Great Summer Story:

And you know, while we're on the subject of the 9/11 Commission, I'm very interested, I know the country is, in the Able Danger report. You know, we have now very honorable military officers telling the United States, Tim, that in 2000, not only had Mohamed Atta had been identified by photo and name but was earmarked as an al-Qaeda operative in the United States. Apparently this information was brought to the 9/11 Commission prior to their report. There's no reference to it. That's the kind of tactical intelligence that would make a difference in stopping a hijacking. It's not the strategic intelligence, the stuff that comes out of--like water out of a fire hydrant and then in hindsight you say "Well, you missed these three molecules of water." We're very interested in what the 9/11 Commission didn't do with respect to Able Danger."

As I said, this has spiked my interest again. Here I had expressed outrage about those stupid reasons given for pulling Shaffer's clearance. Now apparently he's getting rail-roaded. Ok, Enough already! Especially since this does tie into that farse of a President Bill Clinton and how he blew his 'Saxophone' while NY Burned. We know now that Clinton put concern over "gas prices" over that of protecting American lives after the Khobar Towers attack.

Now from the transcript off the Michael Savage show via (extra notes mine)this key point Weldon makes:

"Curt Weldon: Well, let me tell you, look, they (IC rogues) tried to embarrass George Bush in the CIA right before his election, and they tried to embarrass Porter Goss nominated to head the CIA (trying that avenue now). The bureaucracy can do what it wants because they think they're untouchable. That's why I'm on your show because your listeners as they've done in the past are going to rise up with a fury that shakes this city by the neck and says we will not take this. This is not North Korea, this is not Belarus, this is America and we deserve to have the answers, plain and simple about what happened. What we don't need to have is career military officer's career destroyed because somebody in the Defense Intelligence Agency is embarrassed that they might have some information and they fell down on the job."

We know what certain roque elements (exterior and exterior) of the IC were trying to do to George Bush's re-election in 2004 with leaks to the same ole playas in the MSM. I noted here that they are trying to make Goss look like a dope and trouble maker now.

I have to admit, I was skeptical about this story only because with all those I contacted that I knew I couldn't get a bead on this story - nada. Prior to this, Weldon who is known for carrying a suitcase (football) around with him does have the "nutcase" tag on him even among some of his colleagues.

But this is different. Putting this together with Freeh's appearance and book, and the Plame Game, I'm getting 'ichy' in a good way.

Note to AJ - Count me in.

UPDATE: Weldon was talking about the pressure on Schaffer coming from the Office of Deputy DIA. Well that's a little broad. I made a call, a name.....General Michael Ennis is currently the Deputy Director for Human Intelligence and comes directly under the Director's office.

UPDATE II: To clarify about General Ennis. Remember that DIA is primarily the Military end of the IC as opposed the "spooks in suits" at The Agency. Weldon's vague reference to "Deputy DIA", caused me to make the call to get it clarified. Ennis is the Deputy for Human Intel and according what I've been told Ennis is 'handling' Shaffer. I don't know what exactly 'handle' means in this case, but in my experience, it would mean Shaffer is done in the IC business. First the clearance, then by character.

TOPDOG08, disputes the Ennis connection, and makes a good point. Yet I trust the person I spoke with on the inside, a kind of MASH 'Radar' type who hears everything. But time will tell, but the fact that General Ennis's short tenure doesn't really phase me too much. The rule in mixed environment, "Stars take care of Bars", Military on military. Certain rules don't change. It could be that Ewing, in typical bureaucratic fashion, just told Ennis to "handle it".

The main point those is that Shaffer is definitely getting rail-roaded for sticking his chest out. It's good that Weldon's got his back, but it is going to remain to be seen where things go from here. However, like I said before, where I've been skeptical in the past, I'm beginning (AJ will jump and down), to see a little light on this Great Summer Story.

Also, catch more insight over at Captain V.

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