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Plame Game - The Golden Goose

According to the SSCI report page 39, Wilson made a trip to Niger after his wife recommended him, mainly because he was going there on business anyway and his "contacts in the region".

The only indication we had of what this trip was about was from Wilson’s own book, The Politics of Truth, which is cited in the SSCI, in which it said he went reference to “Uranium Related matters”.

Now 1999 was two years before 9/11. It was nearly a year and a half before George Bush took office. What interest then would the CIA have in “uranium related matters” in the Summer of 1999 that Joe Wilson would have to “check out”?

Wilson had been a career diplomat, but left service in 1998 to open a consulting firm that specialized in “Assisting International Investment” in Africa. What a guy to help out with "Expanding commerical relations", eh?

Remember, and most ignored in the press that at this time there was under supposed lock and key and verification of IAEA, 500 tons of Yellow Cake in a nuclear facility in Al Tuwaitha in Iraq, that had been there since at least after the first Gulf War.

As in my previous post I asserted, through a source, that the purpose of Joe Wilson’s trip in 1999 was to in fact broker a deal between Ibrahim Myaki and the Iraq delegation. The rest of Wilson’s statement, that Ibrahim didn’t discuss the deal because he was following sanctions I believe to be patently false (note the irony). Note again, that on page 39 of the SSCI it also states that Wilson did not uncover any information about (redacted) during his visit, ..the CPD didn’t distribute a report. Seems that whenever Mr. Wilson was “helping out” the CIA, there was a decided lack of a paper trail. Interesting wouldn't you say?

The big question at this point is why was there this interest in in Uranium Matters in 1999?

Remember, there hasn’t been a 9/11 yet, although we know with the ’93 attacks on the WTC, the Khobar Towers, and the USS Cole, Al-Qaeda is alive and active in the world and although good and able ops are truly trying to keep tabs on them and stop them, there were simply some “bad cops”. Just like the ones you can find on some police departments. In many cases ignoring the bad guys, and in some cases covering for them. Again, in both examples the motive is simple – a ton of money, 500 tons to be exact.

Note worthy that moving up to the 2002 trip, that page 40 notes a 1000 pound descrepancy between GON reports and what minining companies reported for 2001. Again, coincidence? Bad math?

The fact is that despite the MSM and other information to the contrary, Saddam was trying to reconstitute his nuclear program. All he needed was a little more time for sanctions to be lifted. Any other explaination for the IAEA to hanging on to the YC in Al Tuwaithal begs a co-existing belief in Santa Claus.

As we are finding out in the Oil for Food Scandal, Saddam had tons of money to burn. Money might not buy happiness, but it can buy a boatload of officials and influence. It can buy inspectors, foreign leaders and cash-poor countries. It can also buy “cover”. Speaking of "cover".

When you do just a little 'googling" on Valerie Plame's company, Brewster Jennings & Associates, you can find that it was named after Brewster Jennings, who served as president of a predecessor company to Exxon Mobil Corporation. Noteworthy, Exxon was one of the first companies and one of 2200 who are implicated in some measure in the OFF scandal.

Also note that Brewster Jennings was intended to infiltrate ties between groups involved in smuggling nuclear weapons and the materiel to create them, to countries such as Israel and Pakistan. Which when you do a little "data mining" on Isreal and nukes and current events you make even more curious connections.

Now are all these connections coincidence or design? I wish that many of the cases I worked on had these many connections, would have made life easier. Tom Clancy anyone?

If coincidence it is just one of hundreds of convienent links and dots. Yet looking at them there is little wonder that so many people, from the members of our own Democratic party, to countries like France, Germany, Russia, (all implicated in the OFF scandal), all the way to rogue ops both active and retired, opposed the Iraq War and the removal of Saddam. The links and 'dots' are such that it would seem that threading the eye of a needle would be an everyday affair in this universe. Just too neat and complete. As I said, "much more than a leak".

As I look at this whole thing, it becomes apparent that George Bush’s sin is simply that he killed the Golden Goose, and for that, according them, he has to pay. But how?

That’s where the Election of 2004 would become the battleground that it was, and where we would first meet Mr. Wilson and his accomplice, Valerie Plame.

By the way, did I mention Tim Russert's wife, Maureen Orth, is a writer for Vanity Fair?


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