Judy Miller - Breaking the Heart of Rove/Libby Haters everywhere

Well, the much awaited Judith Miller story is in.

The verdict? She's going to make a bundle on her bookdeal, maybe even star in the movie, but other than that, her story breaks down to this:

"What was her name,.....?"

"Valerie....Flame"?..............."Victoria Wilson"?......

Was it that Judith wrote down a name that someone told her? Or was it that she wrote down the name of someone who was "telling" her something - a story perhaps, about a former ambassador and his wild trip to Niger to check out a 'crazy story'?

After all, who do you think was her source within the Agency in all those years she wrote about WMD?

Yet, Plame is only a piece of the ever widening puzzle that implicates the CIA in the mother of all bait and switches. While the focus has been on Miller and what it might take to "turn" her, the real quesiton is whether or not as the real story unfolds in the coming months, whether or not Valerie herself will make a move.

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