Memo to the CIA: The "Game" is over

Note: This is a re-post from July of this year, but applicable for today:

For those who think this "rogue CIA" business, as the real story behind the Valerie Plame affair is just some tin-foil hat right wing nonsense, or attempts to defend Karl Rove, let's go back to 2004, when ABC News (AU) published this article highlighting Senator John McCain's views:

"Influential US Republican Senator John McCain blasted the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a "dysfunctional" and "rogue" organization that needs to be reformed.

Reform of US intelligence has been a priority in the US Congress since spy agencies failed to stop the September 11, 2001 attacks, as well as the failures of US spies to provide accurate pre-war information on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction.

"This kind of shake up is absolutely necessary," the Arizona Republican told ABC television.

"This is a dysfunctional agency and in some ways a rogue agency."

Senator McCain blamed the CIA for providing President George W Bush with bad intelligence on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, noting that former CIA director George Tenet had reportedly told Mr Bush the case against Saddam Hussein was a "slam dunk".

He also criticised the CIA for leaking to the media information "that could be damaging to the President" before the November 2 presidential election, pitting Mr Bush against Democratic Senator John Kerry.

The Republican's criticism came after The Washington Post reported that the CIA is in turmoil, with several senior officers threatening to leave, due to internal conflict under new director Porter Goss who succeeded Mr Tenet.

Senator McCain defended Mr Goss, a former House representative who headed the intelligence committee, saying his former colleague was "on the right track".

"He is being savaged by these people that want the status quo and the status quo is not satisfactory," he said.

"This is an organization full of very good and decent people but is dysfunctional and is not providing the intelligence information necessary for the President to conduct the war on terror."

As mentioned before, the fact that when Goss entered there began a 'house' cleaning at the CIA. This shake up was and still is necessary because of the corruption - yes corruption, that had been going on unabated for years. No, not everyone in every position, but enough to have the present administration to say, "enough".

Again, from last year, the Washinton Times on 11/17/2004:

"A former long-time agency Middle East operative said: "It's no secret that many of the agency personnel were pro-John Kerry for president. Leaks were made during the election campaign by the agency that were politically damaging to the president."

Interestingly enough in the same article Mr. Larry C. Johnson was quoted as saying about the shake up:

"Former mid-level agency analyst Larry Johnson saw the matter differently.

"Goss pledged that he would make personnel changes without bias," he said. "Why don't we wait and see if that is what he does?"

He added the agency had "grave flaws," the chief one of which was an inability to hold itself to account for its failures.

"How many people were fired from the agency because of 9/11? How many were fired because we missed Pakistan's development of a nuclear weapon? Is the agency saying it hasn't had glaring disasters?"

Man, talk about a "flip-flopper"! But unlike his flopping, in this case Mr. Johnson was speaking the truth. The CIA was, and still is out of control and has been for a long time. Again, house cleaning is, was, and is long overdue. But it's not going to be easy, as the last paragraph of the same WT article told us:

"One long-time Directorate of Operations spy told UPI: "The White House is playing with fire. These guys in the DO aren't going to take this stuff lying down. Their job is destabilizing countries, and they can certainly destabilize Porter Goss."

And that wasn't any lie. Since I jumped on this story in May, I re-contacted a few family members and friends who work in the "business" - many of which work at Langley. The Plame Game has had people in high places in The Agency bugging out, but others have decided to fight it out.

When George W. Bush entered office the intelligence community thought they were getting his Father (former CIA director/ a 'friendly) all over again. But they soon found out that he, and the present administration had a valid distrust and distaste for them. Subsequently it wasn't long before they decided that George "had to go". The "Plan" was hatched soon after 9/11 although many feel it was right after he took office.

It's no mistake that Karl Rove is the "target" for a very orchestrated attack -vis; Larry Johnson and other ex-ops coming forward of late. Notice Larry has a change of tune?

The Agency has long used members of the the media as it's instrument of disinformation, baiting and entrapment, and in this regard, I have no doubts about Matt Cooper's involvement, as well as other reporters involved in this case, none at all.

Not to mention the willing accomplices in Fund, as well as George Soros financial backing. Much of the salvos by this group were fired in 2004 yet to no avail. Their last hope is the Plame Game.

The "Iron-Triangle"is in full implementation at this point. The same which brought down Nixon, yet with one distinct difference. The MSM no longer has an Orwellian stranglehold on the American public's attention, and it's not going to be easy for them to present only "one view" of the matter.

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