Plame Game - Coming Together

At this point, we know that the supposed “outing” of Valerie Plame is a goose chase of “who told who and if who did, .....who cares?”

But how did the “scandal” come about? Those on the left would say, “When that ‘Turd-blossom’ Karl Rove opened his trap about Plame being a super-double-secret agent at the CIA!”

But talking to people of intelligence...

Since we know she worked at WINPAC, that “super-double-secret” crap is out the window. I have a family member who worked there, and I could tell you they were not protected under the act – case closed.

But again, back to the question – how did it start? In essence from one person yaking it up with reporters who have direct links to the DNC and other Democratic fronts:

1. Wilson talked to Walter Pincus – “CIA did not share doubt on Iraq Data”.

2. Wilson talked to himself and the Nation– “What I didn’t find in Africa”

3. Wilson talked to Corn - “A White House Smear” (Note, there is no way for Corn to have had the information he had for this unless he had ‘inside’ knowledge of Wilson and his wife, unless he's psyhic!)


On July 6th, 2003, the WAPO publishes an article by Richard Lieby and Walter Pincus - “Ex-Envoy: Nuclear Report Ignored” on the same day as Wilson’s “What I didn’t Find in Africa”.

Am I the only one that finds the timing of these two articles “curious?”

More 'curiosities' to come.

UPDATE: Make sure to check out Cliff May's take at NRO's The Corner.

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