Plame Game - The Housecleaning at the CIA

Al throughout the two years of the Plame Game I've kept contact with old contacts around the office. Make no mistake as was detailed in perhaps the most telling article written on the Plame Game thus far American Thinker: "Valerie Plame and the Rogue CIA", the shakeup is in full force. Again, from the AT article:

"Hold on to your hat. The plot is about to thicken.

Behind the scenes, the single most important reason for the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson farce is that CIA Director Porter Goss has finally started to clean house at Langley. Goss’s long-overdue shake-up is clearly backed by the White House, the top levels of the Pentagon and State Department, and the new National Director of Intelligence, John Negroponte.

Judging by Director Goss’s remarks at his Senate confirmation hearings, those whose jobs are most in danger include the CIA “experts” in WMD proliferation – Valerie Plame’s outfit – who completely failed to anticipate the Indian and Pakistani nukes, and just couldn’t figure out what was going on with Iraqi WMDs. Valerie Plame’s bosses are facing the axe for decades of failures.

And it’s about time, because Iran is within sight of its first nukes. You don’t suppose that has anything to do with the Plame/Wilson publicity stunt, do you?

Clearly the CIA managers who failed the United States so terribly on 9/11 should have been fired four years ago. Others now worried about their careers include officials who have long resisted the onerous task of building a topnotch human intelligence capability in the most dangerous parts of the world.

Porter Goss’s new broom should also sweep away:

1) personnel who utterly failed to thwart critical technology theft by China during the Clinton years;
2) those who constantly undermine the war on terror;
3) the ones who make a regular habit of dropping media stinkbombs against the White House.
4) Finally, there is the faction that supported Saddam Hussein’s hold on power, as Joe Wilson did.

It could be a bloodbath, and the Permanent Establishment knows it."

You bet your 'bippy" they do. Thus this article from one of the most long standing mouthpieces of the rogue CIA - the Washington Post is no surprise.

Washington Post via MSNBC: Goss's CIA still in turmol

"When Porter J. Goss took over a failure-stained CIA last year, he promised to reshape the agency beginning with the area he knew best: its famed spy division.

Goss, himself a former covert operative who had chaired the House intelligence committee, focused on the officers in the field. He pledged status and resources for case officers, sending hundreds more to far-off assignments, undercover and on the front line of the battle against al Qaeda.

A year later, Goss is at loggerheads with the clandestine service he sought to embrace. At least a dozen senior officials -- several of whom were promoted under Goss -- have resigned, retired early or requested reassignment. The directorate's second-in-command walked out of Langley last month and then told senators in a closed-door hearing that he had lost confidence in Goss's leadership.

The turmoil has left some employees shaken and has prompted former colleagues in Congress to question how Goss intends to improve the agency's capabilities and restore morale. The White House is aware of the problems, administration officials said, and believes they are being handled by the director of national intelligence, who now oversees the agency.

But the Senate intelligence committee, which generally took testimony once a year from Goss's predecessors, has invited him for an unusual closed-door hearing today. Senators, according to their staff, intend to ask the former congressman from Florida to explain why the CIA is bleeding talent at a time of war, and to answer charges that the agency is adrift.

"Hundreds of years of leadership and experience has walked out the door in the last year," said Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), "and more senior people are making critical career decisions as we speak."

Talk about "The Full-Court Press". All throughout the Plame Game many of these ex-ops such as Ray McGovern, Larry Johnson and others who have been leaking all over the place to the press - even though many haven't been in the agency in years - they are still gathering intel from the inside for their "psyops' and disinformation campaigns (Cheney resigning, etc).

Of course they have found willing complicity in bought and paid for reporters such as Walter Pincus, David Corn and others. In fact, it was one of these ex-ops that brought Wilson to Kristof and then to Pincus and Corn. As we know, Plame and other rogues set up this boondoggle to Niger in the first place. It's been a setup all the way.

All you have to do is to read the writings of Plame Game Playas, Pincus/Corn/Kristof and other left wing media ops and compare them to the rantings of VIPS members McGovern and Johnson, especially on and it's as if the 'ideals' come from "one mind".

The similarities are not a mistake. They're all following the same script.

The VIPS crew began the assault and has been running this campaign 9/11, using both anti-war venues and organizations as well as their co-horts in the MSM.

This isn't just some theory, I have word that Senator John McCain is beginning to get involved as he indicated back in 2004 when he told [Director of Central Intelligence Porter] Goss "the CIA is `a dysfunctional organization. It has to be cleaned out.' ...Moreover, McCain told me last week, `with CIA leaks intended to harm the re-election campaign of the president of the United States, it is not only dysfunctional but a rogue organization.'" (McCain on MTP 11/21/2004).

With McCain a possible 2008 candidate for President, the rogues know the writing is on the wall. Thus they have pulled out all the stops.

This is a precarious time. One doesn't have to go too far to find the last time the CIA pulled out all the stops some forty years ago.

Look for an escalation of this campaign as the Fitzgerald campaign draws to a close. Remember, this is truly a war many years in the making. Not the war in Iraq, but the long standing war between the CIA and the Whitehouse, and it's coming to a head.

UPDATE: AJ over at the Strata-Sphere with more VIPS info".

UPDATE II: Like I said, here comes the Full Court 'Press' - disinformation campaign 101. AP trying to "mix" things up a little. It's amazing how many "witnesses" are voyeur to 'secret" testimony. Anyway, Tom Mcguire is covering it, but again, at this point if you're reading the MSM, you're getting what you want to see either way- because they don't have a clue.

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