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The Plame Game - I guess you know this means war?

As I get my bearings together now that I've had time to absorb the Libby indictment and read what some on the Right had to say. Note that despite the hallelulia chorus from some on the left, the results for them who breathless predicted 22 indictmens and a White House on fire in the night, are a ball-buster. I've got news for you. The war has only begun.

But at this point let's makes some clarifications.

A "person" cannot be classified. A document can be. A position/mission/job can be. Therefore although Fitzgerald didn't clarify Plame's status, which at this point considering what she and her co-horts in CPD were trying to cook up is really not the point. Evidently Fitzgerald thought that her "job was classified". At that I can grudging agree to a point.

I'm not going to attack Fitzgerald, he's just doing what Proscutors do. The fact is whether he lied or got "crossed up" by a ridculously long investigation (which was technically over in Oct 2004), the fact is that he got snagged.

The fact is that this happens all the time in long investigations. You bring a guy in and he testifies, then others testify, then (OPPS!) there is a descrepancy, so you have more testimony and then others and the brothers testify and......

When all is said and somebody get's a perj/obst/lying charge thrown on them. It's not a guilty verdict mind you and people are forgetting that point.

The War between the CIA (at least what is left of the rogue units) and the White House is in full fury. People outside of the beltway have know idea of this battle and would be outraged if they knew that while Atta, and his co-horts were planning to take out 3000 souls, some of these people were too busy playing "Washington" and their tired game of "Get the Man". Pathetic when you think about it, but for them, business as usual.

Think of the 'joke" of the CPD of the CIA having to send an out of work former Ambassador to find out if the country we were considering to attack was or had been trying to find some 'yellowcake". A CIA that had to 'outsource' to the lowest bidder.

The CIA took the shot at the Adminstrtation and hit Libby (not the target, but he got the intended effect). However, knowing Mr. Libby, he took the bullet willingly.

The most amazing thing is all the renewed talk about the Niger controversy, as if people are only now coming to understand it. We bloggers and some in the media know exactly what happened. As I said before I hope Libby has a trial because all the rules of discovery apply. We and the public will finally see what the Plame Game is all about.

We are going to find out, as indeed I am now preparing the links to several news items that link to the Plame Game. Even now more and more of the Oil for Food Scandal are coming out. Notice that only Fox is covering it, the rest of the MSM doesn't want to touch this (for monetary reasons) and quite frankly wishes the story would go away. But there are links to not only Governments that opposed the war, but to some of the familar players we come to know in the Plame Game itself, even to some of the businesses that fuel the media.

No wonder there was and is so much negativity to our war in Iraq.

Remember that at the crux of most crimes is "Greed".

To those who stumble along this site, know that I know what business takes place among the "Palms" - I know how "Moonlighting" works. After all it's hard to buy Porshes on Agent Pay.

In any case, it's time to return fire. If you're not so inclined, in the next weeks and months, please duck.

UPDATE: Just ran across this article by AP, which really amplifies this often quoted article from American Thinker. Truth is when you go back in history, whether Watergate or Iran Contra (basically came to light through an op's anonymous tip), this war has raged since the days of JFK. This week you can be assured to see the re-emergence of the VIPS - attempting to turn up the heat. Remember, most of what you see from the triangle is PSYOPS - and therefore an illusion maskerading as the truth. Yet, this isn't 1972, and they don't hold sway over all the media.

So to them I say..

Bring it on.

In addition, the real conservative Republican base turned and ran in 1973-74. Not so today. Many of us are tired of being on the defensive by those of whom morality and right is never resident. We need not turn with our tails between our legs and run from swine. The Right never has to.

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