Sunday, October 23, 2005


Plame Game - In the Beginning

Light on the posting today, getting ready for a Hurricane.

So for now, just a thought.

Mark Levin of National Review comments on the Plame Game:

"Since everyone on TV this Sunday is predicting what Fitzgerald will do, let me predict that he is unlikely to indict Karl Rove. Admittedly, I base this on the same unreliable leaks and reporting used by those predicting his indictment.

All this talk of perjury and obstruction aside, the purpose of this investigation was to determine who "outted" Valerie Plame. As best I can tell, Joe Wilson first revealed her on his own website, and the first journalist to tie her to some kind of covert status was David Corn (as our colleage Cliff May has well explained). After nearly two years, you have to assume that Fitzgerald also has pinned down Plame's actual status. Fitzgerald cannot issue a report, as he would violate grand jury secrecy. But it would seem that this information can be made known to the public. The CIA can give Fitzgerald approval to speak to Plame's status. And if the revelation of Plame's identity was made outside the grand jury room, i.e., it was already public, there's nothing to stop Fitzgerald from saying so. In any event, we need some answers to the underlying issues that were used to launch this investigation."

Mr. Kistof, Mr. Pincus, Mr. Corn.

Sounds, ....poetic.

More updates on this post to come as the wind howls, and hopefully the lights stay on!

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