Plame Game - Ole Joe, wither goest thou?

So where are we in the Plame Game?

The investigation has come and gone, so far one casualty, but again, not a victory for those who attempted the coup. Yet we still have so many questions don’t we?

For instance. One of the questions is:

While everyone concentrated on Joe Wilson’s trip to Niger in 2002, the real question is just what did Joe Wilson go to Niger in 1999 for?

The Sentate Report report mentions this trip. Why did Ms. Plame recommend him for this particular trip? More importantly, what was the CIA’s interest in Niger in 1999.

To answer he question we have to see what took place “under the palms” in 1999 and even before.

First, let’s go forward to 2002. Let’s be clear, Mr. Wilson’s most incredible adventure was on it’s face as reported a farce. There is no way he gained any credible intelligence just sipping tea and talking with has been Nigerian cronies. Secondly, Amb. Barbro-owens Kirkpatrick had already supposedly nixed the idea. Thirdly, so soon after 9/11 there is no way in hell that anyone on that end would admit to selling yellowcake to anyone much less Iraq. Or in the words of one of the best articles written on this by James Lewis of American Thinker:

“Nobody sends a has-been diplomat to Africa to drink mint tea with corrupt old President Tandja Mamadou, expecting to discover whether Mamadou has secretly been selling nuke materials to Saddam.

That’s pure Inspector Clousseau.” Or as Wilson was nicknamed by those he met on his trip, "Bill Clinton".

This is the most incredible part of this story, is the fact that anyone with an ounce of knowledge of intelligence would have laughed their ass off with this Thumbelina tale, is beyond me.

Unless that is, Wilson’s 2002 trip was to run interference on his earlier trip in 1999.

In 1981, Seyni Kountche, president of Niger, said that his country would "sell uranium even to the devil." For a country with nothing more substantial to sell, I don't believe this stance has ever changed.

According to the July 11, 2003 statement of DCI George Tenet: "He [Wilson] reported back to us that one of the former Nigerien officials he met stated that he was unaware of any contract being signed between Niger and rogue states for the sale of uranium during his tenure in office. The same former official also said that in June 1999 a businessman approached him and insisted that the former official meet with an Iraqi delegation to discuss "expanding commercial relations" between Iraq and Niger. The former official interpreted the overture as an attempt to discuss uranium sales."

So in a game of what if – “What if Joe Wilson’s second trip to Niger wasn’t as much to “check out a crazy report”, as it was to discredit such a report. Wilson had mentioned, that former Prime Minister Ibrahim Mayaki of Niger told him of a 1999 visit by the Iraqis to discuss "commercial relations" with a country whose major export was uranium.

But let's say that the deal actually did take place. Moreover, that it was Wilson himself who was in Niger in 1999 brokering the deal himself AT THE BEQUEST OF THE CIA.

The fact of the matter was that when other intelligence agencies - most likely because of being 'cut out' of the 'benefits' began to ‘leak” the sale in October of 2001, the CIA had to move quick and fast to discredit the report. - throw the dogs off the trail so to speak.

Far fetched? No, in fact is that our ‘rogues” had secured many such ‘deals’ throughout the 90’s, and for years before that.

But how? And more important “Why?"

I could qive you the “Clinton excuse” which is to say, “Because they could”, but the simple answer is the easiest. As any law enforcement person will tell you the modus operandi for just about any crime is MONEY and LOTS of it. Money truly does corrupt.

As I said yesterday the Scandal that is about to shake the world isn’t the Plame Game, it’s the Oil for Food Scandal, and the trails that are being uncovered in the investigation - not only of countries like France, Germany and Russian - but of US Business interests and people and places that will put all of this in perspective.

Which is why the story is so underreported.

You see, just like Al Capone bought the Chicago Police Department and Judges and people at the highest levels, so Saddam too bought a lot of protection.

From Governments, Media, and even from Langley itself.

As it is said, "Money, the love of which is the root of all evil..."

Now do you understand what is really going on? Do you know why this is so intense and will become increasingly more intense in the coming weeks and months? Do you think that all these “powers” are going down without a fight?

If you want to know why ex-ops like the VIPS are so adamant about Plame and keeping the Game alive, it’s not so much they want to see Bush hanged, it’s that they are trying to avoid the noose themselves. Again, as I said in an earlier post, “Watch for increased VIPS activity to come”, as it already has.

As well you can watch some of the “payroll” MSM players such as Russert, Pincus, Corn and others continue their disinformation campaigns. As some people are asking even today, “How can Tim Russert report this case after being so involved?” Because he cannot do otherwise.

The Game has only begun.

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