Sunday, October 02, 2005


Plame Game - Redux

Role of Rove, Libby in CIA Leak Case Clearer

As has been going on since this manufactured scandal has begun, the Washington Post is speculating about "What's Fitgerald is going to do?"

The story that Bush and Cheney Aides' Testimony Contradicts Earlier White House Statements, is bogus, and we already know that. From what I know and understand Mr. Pincus as well as possibly David Corn, and especially Matt Cooper should be contacting Judy to see what the food is like.

My position from the start of this story follows the oldest rule for investigations in the book.

1. Insure the premise is correct.

2. Stay on Premise.

In any investigation you sometimes begin looking at one thing (the original accusation) and then perhaps you find other things to play with along the way.

Yet in the final analysis the orginal premise is the focus.

The focus? CIA 'op' Valerie Wilson, had her cover blown, a violation of he Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

Alright, I am prepared to say that Fitzgerald isn't - nor hasn't been looking at that in a while. Why?

1. It's too vague and specific at the same time. But simply no one violated it.

2. Valerie herself was not covered by the law in the first place.

Now the facts. Valerie conspired with her husband and other anti-regime change ops in the CIA to discredit the President of the United States. Yes I do have evidence that this is in fact the case, but for now a re-read of this article will suffice.

Nothing I have read since this farce has begun has more completely explained the facts as I know them to be.

So with Judy Miller getting out a jail after spending 85 days for no apparent reason, because despite spin to the contrary she had clear approval from her source to testify.

The fact of the matter is that if anyone is indicted in this story they will be wearing press credentials.

And despite George Stephanopolus's flat out lying (he has no source), In fact, JPOD is correct on the outcome of the Plame Game.

Unfortunately there are going to be casualities, when this happens.

More at Cpt Ed's and Tom Mcguire

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