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The President's Choice, Separating the Sheep and the Goats

Well as the dust settles on the "shock" of the President's pick of Harriet Miers for the SCOTUS, and Billy Kristle hasn't checked into Bellview (as far as I know), let's review.

Some of the conservative response on HIS pick really told President Bush one thing:

What the conservative base - at least most of the far right - really thinks of his judgement.

The answer: Apparently not much.

The left has always thought of Bush as a an idiot, a dope.

Of course their bar of example is Al Gore (inventor of ...everything).

But today you witnessed that there is a whole block of conservatives that feel that Bush shouldn't make a move without their expressed and preordained approval.

Yet today, as actually he has always done, he bucked their "authority", and made HIS choice.

The right's response - for the most part - was to call him an idiot, although not directly.

They used the words "Poor choice" and "disaster".

But in essense they were just saying what was really on their minds all along - "He's a dope!" "How could he be so stupid?"

Now if they did trust him, then there wouldn't be any problem would there? I mean, if those who cricticized today really practiced what they said they believed about President Bush they might have been disapointed - there is nothing wrong with that - but ulimately they would have said, "I trust his judgement". Instead they balked:

"But we don't know anything about her?"

Ok, but He does.

"She's never served as a judge!"

He knows that.

"She's not qualified!"

He thought so.

After all, and I hate to break this to Michelle Malkin, but it was his pick. When it got down to it, that's what it was all about. He got the advice and consent of the Senate (sorry, The Constitution doesn't say "conservative bloggers"), and made his choice. Like it or not - it's his choice.

It was downright funny - if not sad - to see conservative bloggers act like the rejected lover today. See my post here for the fallout, but it was like:

"After all we've done for you! You treat us like this!!! Boooo, Hoooo!"

Again, people - get over it.

You know I spend half my life in the Military. Sometimes I didn't like the choices my commander made, as a Sergeant sometimes my men didn't like mine.

But they were my choices. My people accepted my choices because I earned their trust.

What it got down to is that ulitmately I trusted the leadership of those above me even if I didn't agree with their choices.

We have touted Bush's leadership, but of late some of us have barked at his every move, sometimes sounding no different than the opposition.

If you will, today we had a dividing of the sheeps and goats of sorts.

I'll let each decide which group they fall into.

Cpt Ed "Grudging support"
Right Wing News with more quotes

Update I: Example of Goat: Ponnuru over at the Corner. In fact, I'm sending a whole case of Pepto Fed-Ex'd to the Corner tommorow. Cripes, what a meltdown they had today.

Kudos to Mark Noonan, at Blogs for Bush, he's been steady all day long. It's refreshing.


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