Sheep and the Goats - Part 2

President's Bush's attempts, "trust me" to soothe certain factions on the right have been met with "yeah right!"

Basically, as Cpt. Ed states "disasterous results",, actually, Gillespie was right, instead of being "indignant" the stuffy prigs should take a hard look at themselves. It's about time someone told them the truth about themselves.

Truth is that his pick has done anything it has told us just how much some Republican Senators, Congressmen and pundits and others on the right really think about Bush.

Here it is:

"He's a dope"

It might be more honest on their part if they just came out and said it, but they wouldn't dare.

Instead they come out and say, "We're disspointed, demoralized, undone..."

But how about a little honesty. Come on people, you're pissed because the "Dope went out on his own!".

You know that the left thinks that Bush is a dope, that's no secret. But I've been watching the right over the last five years and I've got the feeling, and the Mier's pick is bearing it out, that many on the right think the very same thing.

But I don't find this at all surprising.

If you remember last year during the election and especially during the debates there was a certain "nervousness" that pundits on the right showed. It was almost like, "Gee, I hope he doesn't blow it!" I remember watching the debates or speeches Bush made with my friends and seeing them "wince" and asking them, "What's the matter?"

"Well, you know....he might say....."


What really burns my hide about this Meirs pick is that pundits on the right talk about "missed opportunities" but what they really mean is that they are pissed because Bush struck out on his own and made HIS pick.

"After all our hard work!"

Rush Limbaugh let this "cat" out during his interview with Greta Van Sustren on her Fox Show the other night:

"VAN SUSTEREN: Things are -- well, it's getting better is all I can say, but it's not great here, Rush. Rush, let me start first with your thoughts about the nomination.

RUSH: Well, I'm like a lot of people -- had such high hopes. And it's based on -- it's based on many things. I have no brief against Harriet Miers. I have nothing against the woman. I don't know who she is, and I'm not -- I really don't know anything about her, which is one of the curious things that upsets me a little bit. There are others so eminently qualified for this that we do know a lot about, that we have been to war with. They have -- they have withstood all the pressures brought to bear on them because they're conservative jurists. You don't have to worry about whether they're going to change their minds in five or ten years and be affected by the Washington culture. And it just seems -- I said something last week and the first part of this week that has been taken and run with by the media. I said the pick appeared to made from a standpoint of weakness. And let me clarify this for people, because a lot of my own audience has misunderstood this. We're in a war politically in this country, which is probably usually the case, but the Democrats have lost so much. The Democrats are reeling. They used to have a media monopoly. They used to run the House of Representatives. They used to run the Senate. They basically ran Washington and ran the country. They've lost all that the last 20 or 30 years, and they haven't the slightest idea how to put themselves back together.

They are reeling. And because of this war they are waging for control of the country, they have one refuge left, and that's the Supreme Court. They have turned the Supreme Court into a place where liberalism is institutionalized and taken out of the arena of ideas and public debate. You have liberal activist judges instituting personal policy preferences and calling it law, finding things in the Constitution that aren't there, calling it law, looking at foreign law to determine what U.S. constitutional law ought to be, seeing things in the Constitution and ignoring it. And they're doing this because liberals cannot win at the ballot box. They simply cannot convince enough Americans to vote for them. So you have control of the court system, you can institutionalize your beliefs, if have your people as judges to go ahead and make laws that are basically liberalism. And once they're laws, I mean, they're laws. You can't do anything about it. You can't have your elected officials debate these issues. And so one of the things that's crucial here, and I think pounding the final nail in the coffin of the left as a dominant force in this country, is the Supreme Court. And there are people who have been working in the basements and behind the scenes of conservativism for 40 or 50 years, and they have been through a lot."

"They are reeling......worked hard................this was our chance..............."

Like I said before, there were conservatives who wanted to hammer the left into oblivion and stick a hard line right wing justice right in their face.

Except that wasn't President Bush's plan. He had said from the beginning, "I am a uniter, not a divider".

Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and especially Ann Coulter see liberalism as akin to terrorism and this was their chance to "stick it to the enemy". They cringed at the "uniter" title since the beginning. "The hell with that! We wanted to kill them!"

Yet, Bush and others (and yes, there are conservatives who don't think like those above) think that the partisan political atmostphere in Washington has become our greatest INNER enemy. In 40 years of watching politics I have never seen it this bad. It has gotten the point where nothing is getting done, as both sides are waiting for the other to stumble, bumble so they can play "Gotcha!"

Yet in the mean time I, who is a conservative is concerned with other issues. For instance, I cannot afford health care for my wife who has cancer. I cannot afford a house because of skyrocketing housing costs, and there are many other issues of which I am concerned with.

Quite frankly, I have personally had it with almost ten- years of partisan bickering - which yes, I know happens in Washington, but never to the degree we have seen it now.

So to become as popular as a hang nail to my brethren let me suggest that Harriet Mier's isn't 'cronyism", she's a "peace offering".

Yeah, I know, hard righers will say, "That's crap! It won't work! The left will just throw it back in out face! You can't play nice with these people, they'll get us killed!"

Maybe they will, maybe they won't. But someone has make a start. It simply cannot - for the sake of our republic go on as it has.

Some said that Bush picked as if from a position of weakness. I beg to differ. He has strengh, and more than some of the fair weather supporters on the right. He did what he thought was right. He's willing to take the heat for his choice. Some call it arrogance. I call it principle and guts. It's the qualities of Bush that I admire, and why I voted for him. Because whether you love him or hate him, think he's smart or a dope, he is a man who does exactly what he says no matter what.

God knows we need more men and women are are willing to make those kind of stands, and quite frankly, our current crop of politician and pundit are far from that idea.

UPDATE: From this article over at Real Clear Politics, this quote:

"I understand the disappointment on the right. Conservatives wanted a first-rate legal and ideological gladiator to go do battle with liberals in the Senate. Instead, Bush gave them the Church Lady."

Read the rest, it's the best I've seen so far.