Friday, October 07, 2005


To the "Paper Tigers" on the Right - Shaddap!

I will now regress to my former Army Drill Sergeant self:

So listen up maggots!

I've quite frankly have had it with the Miers bashing/questioning/moaning and groaning that is going on right now.

Whether it's Laura Ingraham getting it on with Ed Gilespie, or the juvenile in-fighting at NRO's Corner, the left is howling with laughter right now at what has become of us.

I would have thought this party had more backbone and stamina than to let this event send them over the edge - and PLEASE don't give me that "We've worked so hard" crap anymore, I'm about to puke if I hear that one more time.

I've been at this 30 years, so what! I wanted Judge Janice Rogers Brown - so what! I don't get to pick!

Besides have anyone realized that just quite possibly a Brown or Clement or Ludig wouldn't have gotten through?

"Oh, we could have nuked the fillibuster!" You say.

Yeah right! The truth of the matter is that while we have a majority in the Senate - it has constantly shown itself to be a wimpy Senate (Terri Schiavo anyone?), and I doubt they would go all the way to the mat especially with mid term elections coming.

Like Rush Limbaugh said, "We wanted Bush to fight!"


With THIS army?"


Damn people, the lady just got picked, yet I haven't seen this much energy to defame a candidate since "Crush Kerry" got launched.

Truth is, if I were a lefty, I would be taking the month off and relax. "Let's 'em rip each other to shreds!"

It's true! They don't have to do a thing! I've been reading the left's blogs, listening in (ugg) to Air America, and I'm telling you they are milking this for all it's worth. They are howling!

A week ago we were on top of the world with Roberts and now look at us.

Just listen to us. We've depressed, demoralized, ready to jump, insulted, crying in our beer....sheesh!

Showing absolutely NO back bone at all.

So my word - "Get ove it, ya bunch of Paper Tigers!"

It's over.

We have midterms to tackle, and Hillary grows stronger every day.

Shaddap already! This isn't the end of the world.

For therapy, take a Gingrich and call me in the morning.

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