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Plame Game - Forest for the Trees (Or something like that!)

Past the 15 minutes of interest this story generated when it first broke back in 2003, the contining false saga of "who leaked to whom where and what in the hell difference does it make she wasn't anyone anyhow!" continues.

Let me repeat for those out in Berekly: It doesn't matter who told of her name because everyone in Washington already knew her name anyway.

One of course keeps getting missed is the underlying story of WHY she sent (suggested he go, or even inferred) hubby on his boondoggle to Niger. Moreover, why did this dolt get 15 minutes, much less 15 months of fame plus for drinking sweet mint tea and speaking lies?

Now Bob Woodward throws yet another bone in the way of the "theorists" that Bob (this is $%#^@) Novak's source was outside the White House. We can all speculate who that was as some do here and here, but it's really beside the point. Again, it's not the real point. Although the Bob's source isn't all that much of a secret (not hard to figure out).

Beside looking forlorn in here pajamas, the fact is that the lady was no spy and so no law was broken, so Fitzgerald blew 20 million bucks for nada.

Go figure it's Washington!

However, beyond that, lest we forget that a genuine coup was attempted on the office of the President of the United States by Val and her "Pals" and had this been oh, 1972 or so, Bush would have been in Crawford by now writing his memoirs.

But it didn't work, the plan backfired, and though Libby had to take one in the butt for the cause, and aside from the dreary endless speculations of "Who did nothing", the real story might not even be told except from the pages of this and other blogs.

But just in case you're missing the daily news, the leaks keep coming, the assault is still in full gear - howbeit with other players - but the beat Bush beat goes on.

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