Plame Game - Missing the Story

Viveca Novak tells her story in Time Magazine.

What story? You know, the old "who told who what about the covert operative that wasn't covert therefore no law was broken so what in the hell is Fitzgerald still sucking up our tax dollars for in this boondoggle? story.

Meanwhile the real and ever unfolding story continues to get untold in the MSM, but to a lesser extent told in the blogsphere.

What story? Glad you asked. It's the story about how a certain African country needed a buck or two, who through a former honesty-challenged delusional ambassador and a group of disgruntled spooks - of whom one was the wife of the honesty challenged delusional former ambassador - baked some "cake" with a certain dictator that wanted a nuke or two, and who also needed a buck or two, and who also wanted to help a country or two gain nuclear capability in order to kick some serious infidel ass.

That's the real story.

But from the MSM we hear the first story which is long past the "Who gives a crap" stage, and of the latter we hear nary a word.

Oh, the fact that behind the "blackout" was a group of journalists tied at the hip to the DNC didn't hurt to keep our attention on the no-story and off the real story.

Tom Mcguire with more.

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