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Plame Game - Deep in the DNC 'Doo-Doo'

As I work the connections I've discovered for a future post, AJ Strata has begun to link few things between last year's Kerry Campaign, portions of the NSC, CIA and the Niger forgery story. AJ is definately on to something here.

As I said, the CIA/NSC/State Department vs. White House has been going on for years from the Bay of Pigs to Iraq. Yet in all my experience I've never seen it as intense as the attack launched on this President. An attack which while inflicting "wounds" has not succeeded. Remember, their goal was for Kerry to win the election, therefore providing for a quick troop withdrawal and taking care of that bothersome Oil for Food Scandal, which hasn't begun to connect the dots that lead even to our hightest halls of Government and Business.

But Kerry didn't win. Even when they attempted to rig preliminary exit poll reports using the media, the dolt still lost and lost big.

So now their on "Plan B", which is to bring the President up on falsified and trumped up charges over the war. It won't work, but it has exposed some of the players that I will be telling you about as we move along. US Senators and members of Congress that conspired with certain 527s and very wealthy benefactor to pull a fast one on the American people.

However, the Eleventh Commandment will reign - "Thou Shalt Not Get Away with It!"

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*****End Update*********

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****End Update II*************************************

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