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Plame Game - "Dishonest Joe"

Just received and read this week's National Review. Mr. Wilson is on the cover titled, "Dishonest Joe". The lead article, "Joe Wilson, Imbedded", written by Stephen Spruiell examines the Plame Game along the road others and I have detailed, specifically with the biased reporting of the MSM towards Mr. Wilson.

Towards the end of the article Mr. Spruiell lists some of the claims of Mr. Wilson and then addresses them. For this I will join as needed with my own comments in parathensis.

Mr. Spruiell writes:

"Shortly after the March 2003 invasion of Iraq — as teams searching for forbidden weapons in Iraq began to come up empty-handed — leaks started to seep out of the CIA accusing the White House of exaggerating the intelligence on WMD in Iraq. Against this backdrop, Joseph Wilson started making claims to the press that had no basis in fact.

Claim No. 1: In May 2003, Wilson began telling reporters that he knew that Saddam did not purchase uranium from Niger because the documents that occasioned his inquiry were forgeries. These reporters wrote that a “former ambassador” had reported the forged documents to the CIA after his trip in early 2002. But Wilson could not have known the documents were forged in early 2002. The United States did not receive them until late 2002 — eight months after Wilson’s trip. During an inquiry into pre-war intelligence, Wilson told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that he may have “misspoken.” He has since said that he never claimed to have reported the forged documents to the CIA."

(As I have said, there is NO way Wilson could have known that that the documents were forgeries unless 1) He was told before hand they were forgeries, or 2) He had a part in forging them. As I posted here, number 2 is a possibility as he had made an earlier trip (on business) and it would be easy for him to have brought back some extra Nigerian letterhead - maybe a stamp or two)

"Claim No. 2: Wilson told these same journalists that his report had reached the vice president’s office. That also turned out to be false. The CIA never briefed Cheney on Wilson’s findings. The intelligence committee found that Wilson’s assertion was nothing more than a claim based on an assumption."

(The common claim of the VIPS is that Wilson reported his findings to Cheney, or "that they were desiminated through routine channels". Fact is that they never got there as the SSCI detailed. "Because CIA anylysts did not believe the (wilson's) report added any new information to clarify the issue, they did not use the report to produce any further anylytical products or HIGHLIGHT THE REPORT FOR POLICY MAKERS. For the same reason, CIA's briefer did not brief the Vice President on the report, dispite the Vice President's previous quesitons about the issue." (SSCI page 46). I use the bold to highlight that Wilson's report was considered so insequential, so 'useless' that except that Wilson blabbed it to the Kristof and Pincus and eventually himself, we might not have ever heard about the trip. Think about it!).

"Claim No. 3: After two months of leaking to the press, Wilson wrote a bylined op-ed in the New York Times. In “What I Didn’t Find in Africa,” Wilson said that President Bush’s “sixteen words” about Iraq and Africa in the State of Union address “[were] not borne out by the facts as I understood them.” He wrote that Saddam had not acquired uranium from Niger — true enough. But his op-ed did not mention his conversation with the former prime minister, who had told him that Iraq had sought to buy uranium from Niger. The findings of his trip did not contradict Bush at all."

(Again, more curious yet, Wilson appeared in an interview with ultra-left Bill Moyers in February of 2003 and during the interview never mentioned a word about the 16 words, the Niger docs, his trip, nothing. Remember, this was a month after the President's SOTU and one year since his trip. Also curious that when he did open his trap he omits the conversation with the former prime minister. Of course he did. That would open up the questions on his earlier trip in 1999. )

"Claim No. 4: After Robert Novak wrote a column identifying Plame as a CIA operative and reporting that Plame had suggested Wilson for the trip, Wilson loudly and frequently claimed that she had nothing to do with the matter. But the intelligence committee found a memo she wrote to her boss spelling out Wilson’s qualifications for the trip and his contacts in the region. By any measure, she was involved in the decision to send Wilson."

(This is Wilson's biggest fib of all and one which he still trys to twist into something else. In fact, I've received emails from "ex-ops", anoymous and most likely VIPS that tell me I'm wrong and that that Valerie Plame didn't have the authority to "send her husband on a trip" or even recommend him, because she was so "low level" that no one would have even paid attention to the memo. Well, someone obviously did and that in itself opens up all kinds of questions. More curious, is why she would recommend him if not for a very special reason? Let's not forget Ms. Plame's connection to the now defunked American's Coming Together - a George Soros front group).

As I've said all along, Joe Wilson is the key to unravelling the many mysteries in the Plame Game, and the more he talks, the more we know because Dishonest Joe just can't keep the story straight.

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